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Nightmare Lord “Nehalennia” | Chain Battles Defeat “Cere-Cere”

Tower of Saviors

Nightmare Lord “Nehalennia”!

Chain Battles Defeat “Cere-Cere”!

● Nightmare Stage ── The Queen of Nightmares

“Nehalennia”, the queen who stands at the top of the Dead Moon, planning to conquer the Earth and the Moon, will make her debut in the realms with a new Nightmare stage “The Queen of Nightmares” on 26 Dec (Mon) at 22:00. In the stage, “Nehalennia” will await Summoners in the last wave where she will release her dark power!

● Nehalennia ── Leader Skill

● Nehalennia ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
Both the Leader and Ally are “Nehalennia”.◆ Extend Runestone-moving time by 4 seconds.
 ◆ All Runestones also possess 200% effect of all Runestones.
 ◆ Skill CDs of Elves -4 after entering a Stage.
 ◆ Each time a Member except “Nehalennia” activates its Active Skill,⇒ Skill CD of “Nehalennia” -1.
 ◆ When there is an additional effect in play,⇒ Team Attack x 4.

● Nehalennia ── Active Skill

● Chain Battles ── The Strongest Quartet of Amazon

The “Amazoness Quartet”─“Cere-Cere”, “Palla-Palla”, “Ves-Ves” and “Jun-Jun” has started a new Chain Battles event of “The Strongest Quartet of Amazon” on 5 Dec (Mon) after maintenance. Following “Palla-Palla”, “Ves-Ves”, and “Jun Jun”, “Cere-Cere” will make her debut next Monday. Summoners can challenge the event stage of “The Strongest Quartet of Amazon” to be held by “Palla-Palla” and “Ves-Ves”. Those who clear the stage successfully will be rewarded with Merits.

When the Guild members have cleared specific stages for certain times, more Merits will be given with a Multiplier Mark. In addition, there will be a Character Bonus in this event: Summoners can get more Merits by clearing the stage with the specified characters (i.e.【Sailor Guardians】 Members, “Tuxedo Mask” and “Neo-Queen Serenity & King Endymion”). Summoners will have to work hard with their Guild members to fight the enemies. Successful challengers may redeem the “Amazoness Quartet” characters and other fruitful rewards with Merits.

● Cere-Cere ── Active Skill

■ About “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”

Naoko Takeuchi’s original girls’ manga began its serialization in the monthly magazine “Nakayosi” (published by Kodansha) in 1991. The original work has been translated into 17 languages, and the animated series has been developed in more than 40 countries, creating a social phenomenon in Japan and abroad. In 2012, a new project was launched to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the work. The original manga was renewed, made available in e-book format, and expanded into an all-color version. On top of this, a new anime series, a musical, and an official fanclub were released. In 2022, “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum” was opened. In addition to that, a new movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie” which is the final chapter of the series will be released in 2023 and has been generating a great deal of excitement.

** All relevant events & rewards of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.