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“Star Burst Pulses” Series Power Release | New “Transmigration of Memories” | New Character “Gown Capriccio – Lilith”

Tower of Saviors

“Star Burst Pulses” Series Power Release!

New “Transmigration of Memories”!

New Character “Gown Capriccio – Lilith”!

● New “Transmigration of Memories” ── A Journey to the Heart

A brand-new event, “Transmigration of Memories”, will be introduced on 9 Jan (Mon) at 12:00! A special dungeon full of red vines, memories and elements will open for Summoners to explore. The event floors will be open on a scheduled basis. Summoners need a certain number of “Nebula Wreaths” to enter the “Transmigration of Memories”.

Another important point to note is that the monsters hidden in the dungeon have grown quite powerful after absorbing the power of elements and memories of other living beings. Summoners will need “Memory Balls” to increase their Team HP so as to continue their adventure in the “Transmigration of Memories”. There will be 80 waves in the stage. There will be several save points at specific waves. By clearing the specific wave(s), Summoners can restart at the save point(s) upon their next challenge.

In the event stage, no Dragonic Compulsion can be activated. Instead, Summoners may equip “Memory Balls” as an aid in their battles. Each team is allowed to equip 8 “Memory Balls” at most. Besides enhancing Team HP, the “Memory Balls” also hold different Runestone-turning Skills and other special skills that can be activated during battles. All the equipped “Memory Balls” will disappear after each challenge of the floors.

By going to the “Transmigration of Memories” event page, Summoners can get a certain number of “Nebula Wreaths” and “Memory Balls” each day. Summoners will be rewarded with “Memory Balls” and “Memory Fragments” when they clear specific waves in the “Transmigration of Memories”. With the “Memory Fragments”, Summoners may exchange the Items for valuable rewards such as the new character “Gown Capriccio – Lilith” and “Transmigration of Memories S1” Medal, etc.

● Gown Capriccio – Lilith ── Leader Skill

● Gown Capriccio – Lilith ── Dual Active Skills

● 10th Anniversary Minigame ── Madhead Treasure Trove

* There will be 10 levels in this minigame. A new level will be open each day.

* A new ability will be unlocked every other day. There will be 4 abilities in total.

From 13 Jan (Fri) 12:00 to 29 Jan (Sun), there will be a 10th-anniversary minigame, “Madhead Treasure Trove”, in which Madhead finds some of its precious memories have been taken away. To get back the timeless treasure, Madhead has decided to search through Tarones for its missing Memory Bubbles!!

Summoners can enter the “Madhead Treasure Trove” webpage by tapping the icon in the middle of the Main Map. After entering the game by moving the character to the magic circle, Summoners will have to find Madhead’s precious Memory Bubbles while avoiding obstacles and traps. Madhead will restart at the last Save Point it passes by after each death.  Every Memory Bubble contains an important memory of Madhead. By collecting all the Memory Bubbles, Summoners can get rewards, such as the “Madhead Treasure Trove” icon frame and the “Trace of Fortunes” Medal!

On top of that, there will be a Red Button at a designated spot in each level. By stepping on the Red Button, Madhead will take on a Challenge Mission. (Mission: Collect all Red Coins in the special level within the time limit.) For every Challenge Mission cleared, Summoners will be rewarded with Spirit Orb x20. Summoners can get up to 200 Spirit Orbs by clearing all 10 Challenge Missions!

Double DashThe character can dash two times in the air.
Wall BreakingThe character can break walls with Dashes.
Charged-up DashThe character can charge up and perform a longer Dash by holding the Dash button for a while. The Charged-up Dash can break the black walls.
Tripple DashThe character can dash three times in the air.

● Realm Exploration ── Breaking Away from the Prison of Nightmares

In the new “Realm Exploration” event that has been launched on 2 Jan (Mon), there will be a new character next week─“Untruthful Dream-trader – Madam Nightmare”. Fiendish by nature, “Untruthful Dream-trader – Madam Nightmare”, who is good at using words to manipulate humans and make them her vessel by saying that she can make their dreams come true, will bring Summoners a new Challenge Stage of “Breaking Away from the Prison of Nightmares”. Summoners can get “Untruthful Dream-trader – Madam Nightmare” upon each clearance of the stage.

● Untruthful Dream-trader – Madam Nightmare ── Active Skill

● Challenge Mission ── Whispers of the Lunar’s Love

The Earth God, “Blossoming Crescent – Artemis”, will bring Summoners a new Challenge Stage called “Whispers of the Lunar’s Love” on 9 Jan (Mon). The stage will have 2 floors, namely, “Whispers of the Lunar’s Love I” and “Whispers of the Lunar’s Love II”. Upon each clearance of the mentioned floors, Summoners will be given “Blossoming Crescent – Artemis” x1.

● Blossoming Crescent – Artemis ── Active Skill

● Blossoming Crescent – Artemis ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
Both the Leader and Ally are Gods with “Blossoming Crescent – Artemis” in the Team.◆ “Blossoming Crescent – Artemis”:
⇒ Synchronize its Attribute with that of the Leader.

● “Star Burst Pulses” Series Power Release!

After years of battles, the “Star Burst Pulses” series characters are finally ready for their next stage of evolvement. Among the characters, “Andromeda”, “Lynx”, “Perseus” and “Lyra” will take the lead and bring Summoners a new Challenge Stage “When Stars Align” as well as their new forms of Power Release and Amelioration next Monday at 12:00. The other four “Star Burst Pulses” series characters will enter their next stage of evolvement in early March!

● Tears of Heartbreak – Andromeda ── Leader Skill

● Tears of Heartbreak – Andromeda ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is “Tears of Heartbreak – Andromeda”.◆ “Tears of Heartbreak – Andromeda”:
⇒ Skill CD -5 after entering a Stage.
 ◆ Attack bonus +100% for Combos made.
 ◆ Extend Runestone-moving time by 3 seconds.
 ◆ Heart Runestones also possess 300% effect of all Attributive Runestones.
 ◆ Modify the Runestones touched while moving to become Elf Runestones.
 ◆ By dissolving Elf Runestones,
⇒ Team Attack x 3.
 ◆ Damage received from “Scorching Areas” and “Death Damage” -99%.

● Tears of Heartbreak – Andromeda ── Active Skill

● Claws of Shades – Lynx ── Leader Skill

● Claws of Shades – Lynx ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
Both the Leader and Ally are “Claws of Shades – Lynx”.◆ Skill CDs of Beasts -5 after entering a Stage.
 ◆ Extend Runestone-moving time by 3 seconds.
 ◆ For each Dark Runestone dropped,
⇒ recover 5% HP,
⇒ until Team HP is full.
 ◆ For each Beast Runestone dropped,
⇒ recover 5% HP,
⇒ until Team HP is full.
 ◆ Effect of Dark Runestones increases by 150%.
 ◆ Dark and Heart Runestones also possess the effect of Runestones of the Attributes of 【Star Burst Pulses】 Members and Beasts in the Team.
 ◆ By dissolving ≥6 Dark Runestones:
⓵ Team Attack x 5.
⓶ Damage will be dealt regardless of Defense.
There is “Claws of Shades – Lynx” with only 【Star Burst Pulses】 Members or Dark Beasts in the Team.◆ Skill CDs of all Members -2 after entering a Stage.

● Claws of Shades – Lynx ── Active Skill

● Crusader of Justice – Perseus ── Active Skill

● Strings of Liturgy – Lyra ── Active Skill