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Grand Descent of “Doomsday Titan” | Challenge Mission “Spiky Confinement”

Tower of Saviors

Grand Descent of “Doomsday Titan”!

Challenge Mission “Spiky Confinement”!

● Challenge Mission ── Spiky Confinement

With its structural hardening ability that can create different complicated weapons, including hammers, swords and crossbows, the “War Hammer Titan” will bring Summoners a new Challenge Mission “Spiky Confinement” on 20 Feb (Mon)! Summoners can get “War Hammer Titan” x1 upon each clearance of the stage!

● War Hammer Titan ── Leader Skill

● War Hammer Titan ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
There are “Attack Titan”, “Jaw Titan”, “War Hammer Titan”, “Annie Leonhart & Female Titan” or “Reiner Braun & Armored Titan” in the Team.◆ “Attack Titan”,
   “Jaw Titan”, “War Hammer Titan”,
   “Annie Leonhart & Female Titan” or
   “Reiner Braun & Armored Titan”:
⓵ Aquire “Hardened” mode.
⓶ The following effects will be granted when a mentioned Character is in the “Hardened” mode: 
▋The Character’s Attack x 1.5. 
▋The Character’s Damage will be dealt regardless of Defense.
* “Hardened” mode will end upon Summoner’s defeat.
There are ≥3 【Titans】 Members in the Team.◆ If the first Runestone movement starts with the Character Runestone of a 【Titans】 Member:
⇒ Clear the negative state of Condensed Runestones touched while moving.

● War Hammer Titan ── Active Skill

● Challenge Mission ── Indestructible Armor

* The Boss character “Reiner Braun & Armored Titan” will not be dropped in the stage.

Besides the arrival of the “War Hammer Titan”, the Ultimate Lord “Reiner Braun & Armored Titan” will also return with a new Challenge Mission, “Indestructible Armor”, on 20 Feb (Mon). Summoners will receive “Wings of Freedom” x300 and Light Orb x80 upon clearing the stage for the 2nd and 4th times respectively.

● Grand Descent of “Doomsday Titan” ── The Rumbling of Doomsday

* The Boss character “Doomsday Titan” will not be dropped in the stage.

After taking over the power of the Founding Titan, “Eren” will reveal his ultimate form as the “Doomsday Titan” as well as a special Challenge stage, called “The Rumbling of Doomsday” on 20 Feb (Mon) at 22:00. By clearing the stage for a certain number of times, Summoners will be rewarded with valuable rewards including the “Doomsday Titan” Medal and “Doomsday Titan”-themed Personal Wallpaper.

** All relevant events & rewards of “Attack on Titan” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.

Based on the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” by Hajime Isayama originally serialized in the monthly BESSATSU SHONEN MAGAZINE published by KODANSHA Ltd.

©Hajime Isayama, KODANSHA/“ATTACK ON TITAN” The Final Season Production Committee.