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New Guild Mission “The Imperial Ceramic Prince” | “Star Burst Pulses” Series Power Release

Tower of Saviors

New Guild Mission “The Imperial Ceramic Prince”!

“Star Burst Pulses” Series Power Release!

● Guild Mission ── The Imperial Ceramic Prince

On 6 Mar (Mon), there will be a new Guild mission—“The Imperial Ceramic Prince” to be hosted by “Kazuki”, the mechanical imperial doll that Shinatsuhiko asks a professional craftsman to make as a gift for his daughter, in celebration for Girls’ Day! Summoners will be rewarded with “Hishi Rice Cake” x4 every time they clear the “Inaccurate Interpretation” floor and “Sweet Rice Cracker” x4 for each clearance of the “Loyal Execution” floor.

●  Guaranteed Drop of Raiding Characters —— “Dionysus”, “Yue Lao”, “Venus”, “Tiffany”

Drawn by the celebration, “Dionysus”, “Yue Lao”, “Venus” and “Tiffany” will also appear in the Guild mission event. If you happen to encounter them in the Guild mission stage, you can bring them to your Inventory with an increase in stage clearance scores up to 200!

● Imperial Obina – Kazuki —— Active Skill

● Work with Your Guild and Get Fruitful Rewards

Summoners can get fruitful rewards by completing 5 event missions of “The Imperial Ceramic Prince” in each row, column or diagonal! Summoners can even get a gold title of honor by completing 12 rows of missions with their personal event score reaching 200 scores! 

Challenge the “The Imperial Ceramic Prince” mission and collect scores with your Guild members to get all the rewards!

● New 20-Wave Transmigration —— The Almighty Storm Family

A new Transmigration event called “The Almighty Storm Family” will be held next Monday. In the Transmigration stage, Summoners will have to fight against “Wrathful Gales – Shinatsuhiko” and “Thundering Taiko – Haruka” while their daughter “Hina Celebration – Kyoko” will await in the last Wave! Summoners can get different Girls’ Day event-exclusive Items by clearing certain waves!

Wave (First Clearance)Event Item
5th WaveHishi Rice Cake x 10
10th WaveSweet Rice Cracker x 10
15th WaveClam Chowder x 10
20th WaveWagashi x 10

●  “Star Burst Pulses” Series Power Release!

Following “Andromeda”, “Lynx”, “Perseus” and “Lyra”, “Ophiuchus”, “Mitty and Marble”, “Auriga” and “Draco” will reveal their new evolvement—Power Release and Amelioration—along with a new Challenge Stage “When Stars Align Part II” on next Monday at 12:00! 

● Navigator of Stars – Ophiuchus ── Leader Skill

● Navigator of Stars – Ophiuchus ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is “Navigator of Stars – Ophiuchus” and the Ally is a 【Star Burst Pulses】 Member. ‘s’◆ Change the Leader Skill of the Leader to “Agression of the Serpent Bearer – EX”. 
When the Team has only 【Star Burst Pulses】 Members, Elves or Gods:
I. Team Attack x 10; HP & Recovery x 2.5.
II. By dissolving Runestones of the Members’ Attributes,
⇒ Team Attack x 5.5 additionally.
III. Turn the Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Runestones.
IV. The more the steps moved while moving Runestones,
⇒ the higher the Team Attack,
⇒ to the max x 4 additionally for 50 steps.
 ◆ Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 6 seconds. 
 ◆ Elves:
⇒ HP basic value +2,000.
◆ Runestone movement will not be stopped when an Electrified Runestone is touched.
◆ “Sticky” and “Burning” will be nullified.
◆ Modify the Runestones touched while moving to become God Runestones.◆ Modify the Runestones touched while moving to become Runestones of the corresponding Member’s Race in each column.
◆ Heart Runestones also possess the effect of all Attributive Runestones.
◆ Runestones of the 【Star Burst Pulses】 Members’ Attributes in the Team also possess the effect of each other.
◆ Runestones of the 【Star Burst Pulses】 Members’ Races in the Team also possess the effect of each other.
◆ The more the kinds of Race Runestones dissolved,
⇒ the more the following effects will be triggered:
▋≥1 kind: Team Attack x 2.5.
▋≥2 kinds: Damage will be dealt regardless of:    
⓵ Anti-Runestone Shield (First Batch)    
⓶ Duet Elemental Shield, Trio Elemental Shield, Quartet Elemental Shield and Quintet Elemental Shield.
▋≥3 kinds: Combo count +10.
There are “Navigator of Stars – Ophiuchus” and “Intergalactic Combo – Mitty and Marble” in the Team.◆ “Navigator of Stars – Ophiuchus” and    
“Intergalactic Combo – Mitty and Marble”
⇒ HP, Attack & Recovery basic value x 1.6.

● Navigator of Stars – Ophiuchus ── Active Skill

● Intergalactic Combo – Mitty and Marble ── Active Skill

● Seraphic Soar – Auriga ── Active Skill

● Immolation of Alienation – Draco ── Active Skill