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“Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro” Ancient Wars Coming Soon | New Ultimate Lord “Talented Monster – Darren” Coming Next Week

Tower of Saviors

“Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro” Ancient Wars Coming Soon!

New Ultimate Lord “Talented Monster – Darren” Coming Next Week!

● Ancient Wars ── The Moving Weaponized Fortress

“Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro”, which is the home of Shinatsuhiko, Haruka and Kyoko, will set up an Ancient Wars event of “The Moving Weaponized Fortress” on 20 Mar (Mon) at 12:00!

● Get Prepared for the Wars

* There will be a break time for consolidation from 00:00 to 05:59 during the Battle phase. “Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro” will suspend sending pawns to attack during the mentioned period until dawn.

The “Ancient Wars” will be divided into two phases, namely the Preparation Phase and the Battle Phase. The former allows Summoners to get ready for the coming battles, such as enlisting, upgrading the settings, collecting Spirits and setting up Canon. The latter enables Summoners to participate in “Defense” and “Attack” battles to win Merits for rewards redemption.

Preparation Phase03-20 12:00 ~ 03-22 11:59
Battle Phase03-22 12:00 ~ 03-25 23:59

● Get “Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro”

When the total HP of “Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro” is 0, Summoners can get “Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro” x1 each time they clear the “Attack battle” (no card will be dropped when the total HP of “Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro” is ≥1). In addition, Summoners may also redeem “Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro”, Core of Doom (the PR Material for “Corrupted Sealed Lords”) or Girls’ Day event-exclusive Items (Clam Chowder, Wagashi, Hishi Rice Cake, Sweet Rice Cracker) with Merits earned in the Ancient Wars!

When the Battle Phase ends, corresponding rewards will be distributed to all Summoners depending on the progress of defeating the World Boss. Moreover, Summoners who successfully defended the enlisted Guild will be rewarded with Black Key x150.

● Steam-powered Fortress – Oshiro ── Active Skill

● Ultimate Stage ── Innocently Cruel  

“Talented Monster – Darren”, a prodigious wizard who has indefatigable magic power and extensive knowledge of magic, will bring Summoners a new Ultimate Stage, “Innocently Cruel”, on 24 Mar (Fri) at 22:00!

● Talented Monster – Darren ── Active Skill