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New Exclusive Black-gold “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” | “Undecayed Physician – Imhotep” Ultimate Trial | “Pyramid Activation” New Character “Flourishing Crystal Dragon”

Tower of Saviors

New Exclusive Black-gold “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum”!

“Undecayed Physician – Imhotep” Ultimate Trial!

“Pyramid Activation” New Character “Flourishing Crystal Dragon”!

● “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” ── Grand Debut on 3 Apr (Mon)!

“The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum”, who was raised by Seth, Shu, Ra and Tefnut and given the name that means the evening sun, will make her debut in the realms on 3 Apr (Mon) at 12:00! “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” is an extremely rare 7* character that can be obtained by drawing Seals in the “Cradle of Dusk” Drawing Machine during the event period.

“Cradle of Dusk” Diamond Seal Event Period: 3 Apr (Mon) 12:00 to 16 Apr (Sun)

Golden Mothdrake x3 will be given for every 10-draws in the “Cradle of Dusk” Diamond Seal Drawing Machine.

Summoners will be rewarded with Dragonware “Scarab Armor” (mode selectable) x1 upon getting their first “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” during the event period. In the meantime, the “Ancient Coin” Seal Drawing Machine will be open. From 3 Apr (Mon) to 16 Apr (Sun), there will be a special offer of “Purchase Bonus” in the Diamond Shop—Summoners can get 30 extra Diamonds after making a single purchase of 30 Diamonds or more for the first time during the event period.

● “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” ── Leader Skill

● “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” ── Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
The Leader is “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum”.◆ Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 5 seconds.
◆ All Runestones also possess the effect of Fire and Light Runestones.
◆ Fire and Light Runestones also possess the effect of other Runestones.
◆ At the beginning and at the end of each Round,
⇒ modify all Runestones to become Runestones of the corresponding Member’s Race in each column.
◆ Machina, Beast, Dragon and God Runestones also possess the effect of each other.
◆ For every 10 Runestones dissolved,
⇒ deal a non-Attributive Damage of 10 million to all enemies before attacks;
⇒ to the max a non-Attributive Damage of 90 million for 90 Runestones dissolved.
◆ Damage will be dealt regardless of Green-red Vortex.
◆ Damage received from “Burning” and “Scorching Areas” will be converted to HP Recovery.
◆ The Team acquires a Protective Shield of 50,000 points.
◆ When the Protective Shield has ≥1 point,
⇒ it can withstand a Damage that is greater than the current shield point once.
⇒ Shield point will become 0 after withstanding the Damage.
◆ When the Protective Shield has 0 points,
⇒ refresh the Protective Shield at the end of the Round,
⇒ at most 5 times.
◆ After dissolving Runestones:
⓵ The first batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Fire Runestones.
⓶ The second batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Light Runestones.
◆ Damage will be dealt regardless of:
⓵ Fixed Combo Shield
⓶ Equal-Combo Shield
There is “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” in the Team.◆ By dissolving ≥30 Fire or Light Runestones in total:
   When “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” attacks,
⇒ ignite the enemies for 3 Rounds to 
⇒ deal a Fire Damage of 1,500x the Attack basic value of the first “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” from the left to them each Round.
◆ “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum”:
⇒ Damage dealt to the ignited enemies x 3 additionally.
There are “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” and “Rocketing Shrine – Pyramid” in the Team.◆ After entering a Stage,
⇒ “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” and
   “Rocketing Shrine – Pyramid”:
⓵ Skill CDs -6.
⓶ Fuel +50%.
There are ≥2 【Machina Dynamics】 Members in the Team.【Machina Dynamics】

● “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” ──Active Skill

● Bonding Skill

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
The Ever-blazing Sol – AtumOwn Dual Max Rocketing Shrine – PyramidWhen the Character’s Character Runestone is triggered and no Character Runestone is dissolved in the first batch,
⇒ the Character’s Skill CD -1.

● “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” Voice Gift Pack Coming Soon

● Grand Descent of “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” with 10 Free Draws Giveaway!

* After collecting the Summon Coupons, Summoners can go to “Inventory” > “Item” to use them.

During the Diamond Seal event period, Summoners can get the “Cradle of Dusk Summon Coupon” x10 upon their first login. Lucky Summoners may even get “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum”!

● Scarab Armor ── Machina-exclusive Dragonware

Following the descent of “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum”, there will be a new Machina-exclusive Dragonware—“Scarab Armor”. Upon getting their first “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” during the event period, Summoners will be given the exclusive Dragonware “Scarab Armor” (mode selectable) x1, which can be forged in the Craft Furnace with Components and “The Ever-blazing Sol – Atum” too.

Scarab Armor
PreconditionMachinas only
ChargeLaunching Attacks
Dragonware Skill IWhen Light and Fire Runestones are dissolved in the same Round, the Character’s Attack x  1.8 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIBy dissolving 25 or more Runestones, the Character’s Attack x 1.6 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIIIf the Character is a Machina, the Character’s HP basic value x 1.1.
Craft Skill IFor 1 Round, Team Attack increases by 40%.
Craft Skill IIActive Skill CDs of the Leader and Ally -3.
Craft Skill IIIFor 1 Round, Damage will be dealt regardless of Puzzle Shield.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.

● Ultimate Stage ──  A Thousand Years Old Mummy

“Undecayed Physician”, a passionate physician who uses his own body for experiments that result in his embalmed and incorrupt body, will set up a new Ultimate Stage—“A Thousand Years Old Mummy” on 4 Apr (Tue) at 22:00!

● Undecayed Physician – Imhotep ──Active Skill

● New Character “Flourishing Crystal Dragon” in “Pyramid Activation”

Starting next week, a new character “Flourishing Crystal Dragon” and “The Ever-blazing Sol” Medal will be added to the “Pyramid Shop”. By collecting the event Item “Pyramid Energy” by clearing specific Egypt-themed event stages, Summoners may use the Items to redeem the mentioned rewards!

● Flourishing Crystal Dragon ──Active Skill

● Challenge Mission ── Guardian of the Pharaoh’s Tomb

Guarding the Pharaoh’s Tomb, “The Great Sphinx  – Fathia” will bring Summoners a new Challenge Stage called “Guardian of the Pharaoh’s Tomb” on 3 Apr (Mon). Summoners can get “The Great Sphinx  – Fathia” x1 and “Pyramid Energy” upon each clearance of the “Guardian of the Pharaoh’s Tomb Lv1” floor!

● The Great Sphinx  – Fathia ──Active Skill

● Drangonary Craft Game Mode Coming Soon!

A brand-new gameplay “Drangonary Craft Game Mode” will be available on 3 Apr (Mon) at 12 n.n. Summoners can enter the new gaming mode by tapping the Large-scale Event page in “Lost Relic”. In this new gaming mode, Summoners can play a series of Dragonic Compulsion minigames, such as “Pattern of Connection”, “Seal of Transposition” and “Spell of Destruction”. Summoners will even receive different rewards when certain conditions are met in the game.

* Please note that the Dragonic Compulsion rewards in other events will not be given for the scores achieved in the “Drangonary Craft Game Mode”.