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“Jogo” Ultimate Trial Coming Soon | New Challenge Mission “Flashing Swaps of Boogie Woogie”

Tower of Saviors

“Jogo” Ultimate Trial Coming Soon!

New Challenge Mission “Flashing Swaps of Boogie Woogie”!

● Ultimate Stage —— Raging Flames of the Ember Mountain

“Jogo”, a curse comprised of the earth, will set up a new Ultimate Stage—“Raging Flames of the Ember Mountain”—on 9 May (Tue) at 22:00. Claiming to have been born from pure and genuine human emotions, “Jogo” will wage a flaming war with Summoners in the stage! Summoners can get the character-exclusive theme personal wallpaper by clearing the stage for certain times!

● Jogo —— Active Skill

● Bonding Skill

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
JogoOwn Dual Max HanamiIf there is the Character’s Character Runestone after dissolving Runestones,
⇒ the Runestones on the right and left sides of the Character Runestone will be turned into Fire Demon Runestones.
HanamiOwn Dual Max JogoIf there is the Character’s Character Runestone after dissolving Runestones,
⇒ the Runestones on the right and left sides of the Character Runestone will be turned into Earth Demon Runestones.

● Challenge Mission ── Flashing Swaps of Boogie Woogie

“Aoi Todo”, a third-year student who is also known as the cornerstone of the Kyoto Jujutsu High School, will bring Summoners a new Challenge Stage, called “Flashing Swaps of Boogie Woogie” on 8 May (Mon)! Summoners will be rewarded with “Aoi Todo” x1 upon each clearance of the  “Flashing Swaps of Boogie Woogie Lv1/Lv2” floors! The character-exclusive theme wallpaper will also be given after Summoners clear the “Flashing Swaps of Boogie Woogie Lv2” floor for certain times!

● Aoi Todo —— Leader Skill


● Aoi Todo —— Team Skill

ConditionTeam Skill
Both the Leader and Ally are 【Jujutsu Sorcerer】 Members.◆ According to the number of 【Jujutsu Sorcerer】 Members in the Team:
⇒ At the end of each Round,
    “Cursed Energy” will appear at a random position(s),
⇒ to the max 6 “Cursed Energy” positions to be present.
 ◆ For each Runestone dissolved in a “Cursed Energy” position:
⓵ Combo count +2.
⓶ The “Cursed Energy” at that position will disappear.
 ◆【Jujutsu Sorcerer】 Members:
⇒ Damage dealt to Elves and Demons x 2 additionally.
 ◆ Upon the Skill activation of a 【Jujutsu Sorcerer】 Member,
⇒ Invisible enemies will be revealed.
The Leader is “Aoi Todo” and the Ally is “Yuji Itadori”.◆ “Aoi Todo” and “Yuji Itadori”:
⇒ Skill CDs -6 after entering a Stage.
 ◆ At the beginning and at the end of each Round:
⓵ Turn the 1st column into Light Runestones.
⓶ Turn the 6th column into Heart Runestones.
 ◆ All Runestones also possess the effect of Light and Heart Runestones.
 ◆ By dissolving ≥15 Runestones,
⇒ “Aoi Todo” and “Yuji Itadori”:
⓵ Skill CDs -1.
⓶ Damage will be dealt regardless of Initial Shield.

● Aoi Todo —— Active Skill


● Aoi Todo, Yuji Itadori —— Combine Skill


● Bonding Skill

CharacterConditionBonding Skill
Yuji ItadoriOwn Dual Max Aoi TodoWhen the Character’s Character Runestone is triggered,
⇒ Damage received from “Burning” will be lowered to 0.
Aoi TodoOwn Yuji ItadoriBy dissolving the Character’s Character Runestone in the first batch,
⇒ the Character launches 1 extra attack as much as 100% of its Attack.

●  “Jujutsu Kaisen” Crossover Character-exclusive Dragonware  —— Cursed Energy Orb

There will be a new item in the Time Limited Shop next Monday—“Cursed Energy Orb”, which is a new “Jujutsu Kaisen” crossover character-exclusive Dragonware! Summoners can redeem the new Dragonware with a specific number of “Jujutsu High School Emblems”!

Cursed Energy Orb
Precondition“Jujutsu Kaisen” crossover characters only
ChargeDissolving any Runestones in the first batch
Dragonware Skill IThe Character’s Active Skill CD -1 after entering a Stage.
Dragonware Skill IIUpon the Round of activation of the Character’s Active Skill, the Character’s Attack x 1.3 additionally.
Dragonware Skill IIIBy dissolving 25 or more Runestones, the Character’s Attack x 1.5 additionally.
Craft Skill IFor 1 Round, Team Attack and Recovery increase by 20%.
Craft Skill IIFor 1 Round, the Leader launches 5 extra attacks (one Attribute each) as much as 50% of its own Attack.
Craft Skill IIICDs of all enemies will be delayed for 1 Round.
* Craft Skills will be triggered by reaching specific scores in Dragonic Compulsion.

** All relevant events & rewards of “Jujutsu Kaisen” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.