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Amelioration refers to using designated amount of Souls and Stamina to strengthen a Monster’s capability in four phases (I, II, III, IV). The process is only applicable to Monsters that are available for Amelioration.


The Amelioration Phase for a Seal card can be viewed as long as the Monster is available for Amelioration. Click the red circle in the picture below to check the Amelioration Skills in detail. Any Amelioration Phases that have not been unlocked will appear in grey.


Amelioration Phases will appear at the bottom left corner of Ameliorated Seal Cards inside the “Team” and “Inventory” menu.


Procedure for Amelioration:

  • Melt in designated amount of Souls with Stamina to enter the Amelioration Stage
  • Challenge the Stage
  • Once the Stage has been challenged successfully, one Amelioration Phase is achieved, with new abilities.


  • Souls are an essential element for Monsters to Ameliorate. Summoners can obtain Souls in the following ways:
    • Decomposing Diamond Seal Cards or Seal Cards in “The Essence of Spirits” series
    • Completing Day of Souls at weekends
    • Completing Stages in Enochian Tower and Regions of different Attributes
    • Completing weekly missions in the Lost Relic
    • Completing Gate to the Aperture – Souls at the Black Hole