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~Upcoming battles (Nov 11 to Nov 17)~

★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『The Visitor from afar – Fire』
Time: Nov 4 (Mon) – Nov 17 (Sun)


★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『The Blood Sacrifice』
Time: Nov 11 (Mon) – Nov 24 (Sun)


★ The Return of 『The Sleipnir – Soulmaster』

Time: Nov 13 (Wed)
Riding on his octopedal horse Sleipnir and holding his spear Gungnir, the Knight of Remains will descend and rule the world!
*One-day Exclusive Battle


★ Special Event 『Memories’ Shadow』

Time: Nov 15 (Fri)
Follow the Guardian of Memories’ shadow to solve all mysteries!
*One-time clearance


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