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Wanted – The Knight of Remains

Summoners, have you received the secret messenger’s order? Let’s complete it together to share fantastic prizes with fellow Summoners around the world, including Madhead, diamonds and rare seal card draw!

Details of the order:

1. When the number of victories reaches the target, all Summoners who have achieved a victory will be awarded accumulated secret prizes:
-Prize for exceeding 50 thousand victories: 1 Madhead
-Prize for exceeding 100 thousand victories: 2 diamonds
-Prize for exceeding 150 thousand victories: 1 free rare seal card draw
All prizes will be distributed on Nov 15 (Fri), and Summoners can find the prizes in “Community”–>”Reward” after re-logging into the game.

2. The number of victories for 『The Sleipnir – Soulmaster』 will start to count from Nov 13 (Wed) 00:00. All clear histories before Nov 13 (Wed) 00:00 will be removed, i.e. all Summoners will be rewarded 1 diamond after winning the battle for the first time during this event.

3. All TOS servers worldwide are included in the counting of victories.

4. To be counted as a victory, Summoners must enter 『The Sleipnir – Soulmaster』 battle, defeat “Odin The Knight of Remains” and wait for the Battle Result to display. Summoners can achieve victory multiple times.

5. The cut-off time and announcement of the worldwide total number of victories will be Nov 14 (Thurs) 12pm. Summoners must enter 『The Sleipnir – Soulmaster』 battle from Nov 13 00:00 to 23:59, and complete the battle before Nov 14 (Thurs) 12pm for their victories to be counted.

Get prepared now for the intense battle of 『The Sleipnir – Soulmaster』 opening Nov 13 (Wed)!


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