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The God’s Hunting Grounds

The gods’ hunting gardens will be opened for all Summoners to receive extensive training! A brand new series of events are coming next week, so don’t forget to check them out on the dates!

★ 1st Event: Daily Coins Reward

Time: Nov 18 (Mon) – Nov 19 (Tue)
Login daily during this period to receive a total of 100,000 coins (50,000 per day)!

★ 2nd Event: Daily Login Reward

Time: Nov 20 (Wed) – Nov 22 (Fri)
Login from Nov 20 (Wed) to Nov 21 (Thurs) to receive “Friend capacity +5” each day; login on Nov 22 (Fri) to receive “Inventory capacity +5”.
*If Summoners’ Inventory has reached the maximum capacity (500), the reward will be changed to 1 diamond; if Summoners’ Friend List has reached the maximum capacity (250), the reward will also be changed to 1 diamond.

★ 3rd Event: Special Event 『The Holy Temple’s Trial – Dark』

Event’s Start Time:
Apprentice – Nov 18 (Mon)
Elite – Nov 19 (Tue)
Master – Nov 20 (Wed)
Grandmaster – Nov 21 (Thurs)
*Note: The stages have a team cost limit. Stages of all difficulty levels will be ended on Dec 1 (Sun).

Reward period: Nov 18 (Mon) – Dec 1 (Sun)
*Extra rewards will be given when clearing this stage with 0 diamond

Rewards for clearing the stage with 0 diamond (for Summoners who did not lost the battle (“GAME OVER”) and did not have to use any diamonds to continue):
Apprentice – diamond x1
Elite – diamond x1
Master – 4* The Witch of Silvernight x2
Grandmaster – Madhead x1

1. Summoners will be rewarded once only for clearing each stage, e.g. after clearing “Apprentice” level on Nov 18 (Mon), “diamond x1” is awarded. If “Apprentice” level is cleared again on Nov 19 (Tue), “diamond x1” will NOT be awarded again.
2. Clearing a stage with 0 diamond means Summoners did not lost the battle (“GAME OVER”) and did not have to use any diamonds to continue
3. Summoners can try the stage for unlimited times
4. After clearing the “Master” level, you will receive 1 diamond (Stage Clear)
5. Summoners must complete a stage (Victory) before Dec 1 (Sun) 23:59 to receive the rewards

★ 4th Event: Special Event 『The Hunting Rite of Harvest』

Time: Nov 22 (Fri)
Face the Hunter’s test through ritual purification!
*One-time clearance

★ 5th Event: -50% Stamina for 『The Blood Sacrifice』

Time: Nov 23 (Sat) – Nov 24 (Sun)
The required stamina for 『The Blood Sacrifice』 is reduced by 50%. Charge forward and defeat “The Greedy Eater”!


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