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Result for 【Wanted – The Knight of Remains】

A grand piece of good news – the worldwide total number of victories for 『The Sleipnir – Soulmaster』 is 270,402! The final target of 250 thousand victories is achieved and ALL prizes will be awarded to victorious Summoners!

Each Summoner who has achieved victory will be awarded all of the following secret prizes:

-Prize for exceeding 50 thousand worldwide victories: 1 Madhead 【achieved!】
-Prize for exceeding 100 thousand worldwide victories: 2 diamonds 【achieved!】
-Prize for exceeding 150 thousand worldwide victories: 1 free rare seal card draw 【achieved!】
-Prize for exceeding 200 thousand worldwide victories: 4 Dark Prime Soulstones 【achieved!】
-Prize for exceeding 250 thousand worldwide victories: 1 Harpy 【achieved!】

All prizes will be distributed on Nov 15 (Fri), and they can be found in “Community” –> “Reward” after re-logging into the game.

We would like to express our big thanks to all Summoners’ enthusiastic participation for the great success of 【Wanted – The Knight of Remains】! More challenges are waiting for you, so let’s work hard to prepare for the future journey!

Summoners can log into the game to collect the prizes on Nov 15 (Fri) 00:00 – 23:59, or make an early pick-up by re-logging in after 18:00 today Nov 14 (Thurs). The prizes can be found in “Community” –> “Reward” after re-logging in. Please be reminded that if you do not log into the game from Nov 14 (Thurs) 18:00 to Nov 15 (Fri) 23:59, NO prizes will be given.


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