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Tower of Saviors Android Version 4.03 Update Announcement

Our technical team has worked hard to fix some issues encountered by some Summoners after Tower of Saviors Android Version 4.0 update. Those issues have now been fixed in Android Version 4.03.

Currently the latest version for Android is Version 4.03. Summoners are strongly advised to download and update the game immediately to the latest version.

Fixed issues in Android Version 4.03:
1. Unusual effects for the leader skills of “The Unjust Soldier”, “Minamoto no Yoshitsune” and “The Gluttonous Slime”.
2. Disappearance of Instant Battles and Special Battles for some Summoners.
3. Incorrect Stamina display for some Summoners.

Please also note that the issue about failing to add more than 10 guild members is also fixed.


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