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TOS Exceeds 9M Downloads Worldwide & Christmas Celebration Events

★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamond Reward

Time: Dec 21 (Sat) – Dec 27 (Fri)
Login daily during this period to get a total of 7 diamonds (1 diamond per day)!


★ 2nd Event: Special Discount Period for Guild Creation Extended

Time: Dec 21 (Sat) 00:00 – Dec 27 (Fri) 23:59
The special discount period for guild creation is extended! When creating a guild during the celebration event, Summoners can enjoy the following special discount!
1. The guild creator’s required TOS level is decreased from 120 to 100
2. The required amount of coins is decreased from 5 million to 1 million
i.e. During the celebration event, the guild creator’s TOS Level must reach 100 or above, and the cost for creating a guild is 1 million coins and 20 diamonds.


★ 3rd Event: Christmas Event 『The Deep Thinker』

Time: Dec 23 (Mon) 00:00 – Dec 29 (Sun) 23:59
The legendary white-bearded giftbringer is coming to TOS town in his red cape!


During the event, when Summoners pass a stage of 『The Deep Thinker』, their guilds will be awarded Guild Points. When a guild has accumulated specified amount of Guild Points, ALL guild members will be awarded awesome prizes! Join a guild now to share amazing Christmas gifts from TOS with guild mates!


Guild Points Calculation:
Passing 『The Deep Thinker – The Holy Duty – Easy』 once: 20 points
Passing 『The Deep Thinker – The Holy Duty – Normal』 once: 50 points
Passing 『The Deep Thinker – The Holy Duty – Difficult』 once: 80 points


The accumulated prizes are as follows:
2,000 accumulated Guild Points – “The Lord of Elava” x2
4,000 accumulated Guild Points – Diamond x1
7,000 accumulated Guild Points – “Santa Claus the Deep Thinker” x1
12,500 accumulated Guild Points – “Harpy” x1
20,000 accumulated Guild Points – “Santa Claus the Deep Thinker” x1 (MAX skill level)


1. This event is applicable to guilds of all levels.
2. Current Guild Points will be shown in Guild Announcement.
3. To count as passing a stage of 『The Deep Thinker』, Summoners must enter 『The Deep Thinker』 stage of any difficulty, defeat “Santa Claus the Deep Thinker” and wait for the Battle Result screen to display. Summoners can pass the stages multiple times.
4. Guild Points and prizes are counted on an accumulated basis. For example, when a guild has accumulated 4,000 Guild Points, ALL members in the guild will be awarded “The Lord of Elava” x2 + Diamond x1.
5. Guild Points will be calculated until 23:59, Dec 29 (Sun). To collect Guild Points, Summoners must enter any stage of 『The Deep Thinker』 and win the battle before 23:59, Dec 29 (Sun).
6. All prizes will be distributed on Dec 30 (Mon), and Summoners can re-login and collect the prizes in “Community”–>”Reward”.
7. Prizes will only be distributed to Summoners who have joined a guild on or before 23:59, Dec 29 (Sun). Summoners who join a guild after this time will NOT be given any prizes.
8. If any guild member is found to be participating in unauthorized gaming activities, Guild Points collected by that member will be canceled immediately.

★ 4th Event: Christmas Gifts from TOS

Time: Dec 24 (Tue) – Dec 26 (Thurs)
Login daily during this period to receive a different Christmas gift each day!


★ 5th Event: Diamond Seal Card Draw Event 『Terrified Spirits’ Feast』

Time: Dec 27 (Fri) 13:00 – 23:59
Chance for getting the “Terrified Spirits” series is increased by 200%!


5* Elizabeth
5* Jackie
5* Engaged Bell
5* Jack
5* Todd


★ 6th Event: New Event 『The Earth Soul’s Blessing』

Time: Dec 23 (Mon) 13:00 – De 29 (Sun) 23:59
Blessings from the souls are coming your way!


★ 7th Event: TOS Exceeds 9M Downloads Worldwide Mysterious Event

Details will be announced soon, stay tuned!


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