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~Upcoming battles (Dec 23 to Dec 29)~

★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

B.Duck Crossover Battle 『The Visitor from afar – Dark』
Time: Dec 16 (Mon) – Dec 29 (Sun)


★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『Neat Cleaning Elves』
Time: Dec 16 (Mon) – Dec 29 (Sun)


★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『Lovely Snow Angel』
Time: Dec 23 (Mon) – Jan 5 (Sun)


★ New Event 『The Earth Soul’s Blessing』

Time: Dec 23 (Mon) 13:00 – Dec 29 (Sun) 23:59
Blessings from the souls are coming your way!


★ New Stage 『Way to Cruelty』

Start Time: Dec 12 (Thurs)
Demonstrate your ruthless cruelty and raise as the god of war!


To prove Summoners’ cruelty, accumulated rewards will be given when Summoners break through specific numbers of rounds during the event.
Accumulated Rewards Period: Dec 14 (Sat) – Dec 27 (Fri)


The accumulated rewards for breaking through specific rounds are as follows:
『Way to Cruelty』 13th round – Friend List capacity +5
『Way to Cruelty』 17th round – 1 Light Prime Soulstone
『Way to Cruelty』 20th round – 1 Harpy


★ Christmas Event 『The Deep Thinker』

Time: Dec 23 (Mon) 00:00 – Dec 29 (Sun) 23:59
The legendary white-bearded giftbringer is coming to TOS town in his red cape!


During the event, when Summoners pass a stage of 『The Deep Thinker』, their guilds will be awarded Guild Points. When a guild has accumulated specified amount of Guild Points, ALL guild members will be awarded awesome prizes! Join a guild now to share amazing Christmas gifts from TOS with guild mates!


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