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Mysterious Event – TOS Exceeds 9 Million Downloads Worldwide Celebration

Summoners, have you joined 『TOS Festive Moments Snap and Shoot』? Simply take a photo with TOS-related stuff and complete the event, and you will be awarded a beautiful TOS e-card and 5 diamonds + 1 Madhead!

For Summoners who could not submit your picture before, now you can choose to change your Facebook Profile Picture to a photo of you and TOS-related stuff when joining the event!

To allow more Summoners to join the event, we have decided to extend the event period until 23:59, Jan 8 (Wed). Act now to receive 5 diamonds + 1 Madhead!

A warm reminder: if you would like to check whether you have successfully participated, you can visit the Event Website below, then submit your UID and current number of coins. If you have successfully participated, you will see the message “You have successfully completed『TOS Festive Moments Snap and Shoot』 event”.

Event Website:

★ 7th Event: 9M Downloads Mysterious Event 『TOS Festive Moments Snap&Shoot』
Time: Dec 23 2013 (Mon) 13:00 – Jan 8 2014 (Wed) 23:59, UTC +08
All Summoners who join will be awarded 5 diamonds + 1 Madhead! Come and celebrate this festive season with TOS!


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