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~Upcoming battles (Jan 6 to Jan 12)~

★ One-week Exclusive Battle:

『Descent of Spirit – Earth』
Time: Jan 6 (Mon) – Jan 12 (Sun)


★ Two-week Exclusive Battle:

『Happy Fireside Elves』
Time: Dec 30 (Mon) – Jan 12 (Sun)


★ New Stage 『Way to Cruelty』

Now Available in the Game
Demonstrate your ruthless cruelty and rise as the god of war!


★ Soulmaster Stage 『The Return of the Evil Lord』

Time: Jan 8 (Wed) 00:00 – 23:59
The Evil Lord is returning with his powerful minions in the new year!
*One-day Exclusive Battle


★ Opening of New Transmigration Stage

Now Available in the Game
Greater challenges lie ahead in the new year!


During the following period, accumulated rewards will be given when Summoners pass specific rounds in the new 『Transmigration』!
Accumulated Rewards Period: Jan 1 (Wed) 00:00 – Jan 31 (Fri) 23:59


The accumulated rewards for passing specific rounds are as follows:
20th round – Friend List capacity +5
25th round – Friend List capacity +5
30th round – Inventory capacity +5
35th round – Inventory capacity +5
40th round – 1 diamond
45th round – 1 diamond
50th round – 1 Harpy


** If Summoners’ Friend List has reached the maximum capacity (250), the reward will be changed to 1 diamond; if the Inventory has reached the maximum capacity (600), the reward will also be changed to 1 diamond.


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