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TOS Chinese Fan Page Exceeds 2M Celebration Events

★ 1st Event: Special Gift for 2 Million Likes

Time: Jan 10 (Fri)
To celebrate the achievement of exceeding 2 million Likes for TOS Chinese Fan Page, each Summoner can receive 2 diamonds when logging in on Jan 10!


★ 2nd Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: Jan 11 (Sat) – Jan 15 (Wed)
Login daily during this period to get a total of 5 diamonds (1 diamond per day)!


★ 3rd Event: Daily Login Coins

Time: Jan 16 (Thurs) – Jan 17 (Fri)
Login daily during this period to get a total of 400,000 coins (200,000 coins per day)!


★ 4th Event: New Event 『The Water Soul’s Blessing』

Time: Jan 13 (Mon) 11:00 – Jan 19 (Sun) 23:59
Blessings from the souls are on their way!


★ 5th Event: Purchase Reward

Time: Jan 10 (Fri) – Jan 16 (Thurs)
No matter a purchase has been made before or not, when making a purchase during this celebration event, summoners can receive 5 more diamonds. Each summoner will be rewarded once.
Example: you will receive 5 more diamonds when purchasing 1 diamond on Jan 10. The reward can be found in “Community” -> “Reward” after re-logging into the game.


★ 6th Event: -50% Required Stamina for 『The 12 Zodiacs』

Time: Jan 11 (Sat) – Jan 12 (Sun)
-50% required Stamina for 『The 12 Zodiacs – Chapter 1 and 2』 battles on the day, except the battle(s) with increased dropping rate of astropieces.


★ 7th Event: Special Event 『The Philosopher’s Eye』

Time: Jan 10 (Fri)
A group of cryptic philosophers are coming…
*One-time clearance


★ 8th Event: Special Event 『The Mischievous Elves’ Party』

Time: Jan 14 (Tue)
You are cordially invited to the secret party hosted by the mischievous elves!
*One-day clearance



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