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[Upcoming Battles] (Apr 6 – Apr 12)

★ Ultimate Stage “Joyful Graveyard”
Time: Apr 11 (Sat)
Treacherous laughter coming from the graveyard on a cold and rainy night!
* One-day exclusive battle

★ Special Event “Harvest Festival”
Time: Apr 9 (Thur) – Apr 12 (Sun)
Come celebrate the festival of harvest!
* One-off Stage

★ “Patheon of Babylon” Series Event:”Flames of Good and Evil”
Time: Apr 6 (Mon) – Apr 19 (Sun)

★ “Patheon of Babylon” Series Event:”Tears of the Hero”
Time: Mar 20 (Mon) – Apr 12 (Sun)

★ Comeback Stage “The Battlefield of Mercenaries – Dark”
Time: Apr 6 (Mon) – Apr 12 (Sun)
Note: During the event period, the appearance chance of “Nero the Sinful Corvee” in Advanced and Extra stage of “The Battlefield of Mercenaries” is increased!


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