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[ Abnormally Obtain “Black Key” Error Arrangement Notice] (2016/11/7)

Our team has discovered that after Version 12.4 update, Summoners will be able to obtain extra “Black Keys” abnormally while challenging Stages in “Black Hole”. It appears that Summoners were able to challenge “Black Hole” continuously with the “Black Keys” obtained and get a lot of Materials.
The above error has been fixed at 1pm today (Nov 7).
Since the Materials obtain through this error would affect the fairness of the game, our team will now take the following actions:
1. Recall all “Black Keys” obtained through this error
2. Recall all Materials obtained through this error.
We will complete the recall actions within today.
The team will continue to improve the game and avoid these kind of errors in the future. Please accept our apologize for any inconveniences caused.
If you have any questions regarding this issue, feel free to email and contact our customer services.
Once again, thank you for your continuous support and understanding.


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