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[TOS The Return of “Angeloids the Missing Feathers”: Achievement Reward Error Compensation Announcement] (2016 / 11 / 07)

Our team has noticed that there are errors concerning the Achievement Reward Setting of the return of “Angeloids the Missing Feathers”. Under this situation, Summoners could not obtain the rewards after accomplishing the achievements.
The affected floors include:
“Mind-controlling Angeloid – Water”
“Mind-controlling Angeloid – Fire”
“Mind-controlling Angeloid – Earth”
“Mind-controlling Angeloid – Light”
“Mind-controlling Angeloid – Dark”
Our team has already fixed the error and we advise that:
1. For Summoners who newly accomplished any achievements from 00:00, Nov 7 till the problem fixed: please clear any one stage out of Basic, Interm. and Adv. again, so as to trigger the accomplishment of achievements and gain the rewards.
2. For Summoners who haven’t accomplished the achievements yet: please continue to accomplish the achievements and you can obtain the rewards.
To compensate for the inconveniences cause, 1 Stamina Refill will be distributed to Summoners who log in from Nov 8 (Tue) to Nov 14 (Mon).
We apologize for the inconveniences caused.
-The Compensation will only be distributed to Summoners who have reached Level 10 before 23:59, Nov 14.
-Each Summoner can claim the compensation only once.


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