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New Arena Event "Arena Trial "

A new ranking system is going to be implemented in Arena! Upon reaching level 10 in Arena, 5 Battles of Arena Trial will be available from 4 Sep to 10 Sep!


There are a total of 5 Battles in each Stage of Arena Trial. Each battle grants the Summoner 2000 points of experience. The Summoner can accumulate 25000 points of experience to progress to the next Grade. In other words, skilled Summoners will reach “Grade 2” right away after clearing all 25 Battles of 5 Stages in the Trial. The rewards for reaching each Grade are bountiful!


Rewards of Arena Trial:



Reward 1

Reward 2

Reward 3

Bonus 1

Grade 1

Diamond x 2

Mini Madhead x 1

The Stone Inscripter x 1

Title “First Upgrade”

Grade 2

Diamond x 2

Madhead x 1

Baby Harpy x 5



Higher Grades will be released in the future. Stay tuned!


The Summoner only has one chance to challenge each Stage of Arena Trial. Please attempt every Stage cautiously to make your chance count.