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Celebration Event “TOS Fest – Party with Summer”

★1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds

Time: Sep 4 (Mon) – Sep 8 (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in every day to get a total of 5 Diamonds!


★ 2nd Event: Ultimate Stage “Deadly Arrogance” with “Horror Stage” Scoring System.

Time: Sep 4 (Mon) 22:00 – Sep 6 (Wed) 23:59
The terrifying butcher returns! The following Stages will be available:
“Pukish Killer – Ultimate”
“Pukish Killer – Horror”


* The Horror Stage will be unlocked after clearing the Ultimate Stage.
* Achieve certain Score and snatch the rewards you deserve!
* Re-login required to receive the rewards
* Rewards can be claimed at “Community” -> “Rewards”


★ 3rd Event: Ultimate Stage “Commitment to the Hope”

Time: Sep 8 (Fri) 22:00 – Sep 10 (Sun) 23:59
The rabbit girl has a mission to accomplish. Help her through the obstacles!


★ 4th Event: Source of Victory

Time: Sep 9 (Sat) to Sep 10 (Sun)
* Login into the game to during the period to receive Stamina Refill x 1. (Must be consumed within the period)
* This reward will expire after Sep 10 (Sun).


★ 5th Event: Special Event “Summer’s Night Adventure”

Time: Sep 4 (Mon) to Sep 10 (Sun)
Have you seen this girl before? Explore the dark night with Dark Summer!


★ 6th Event: Arena Brand New System “A Trace in the World”

Time: Sep 4 (Mon) onwards
A new ranking system is arriving at Arena. It records every Summoner’s competency accurately!
Please visit the following link for details:


★ 7th Event: Special Mission “Summer’s Waterfall Training”

Time: Sep 4 (Mon) to Sep 10 (Sun)
Join Summer’s training. Your efforts will pay off!


★ 8th Event: Diamond Seal Event “The Twinkle of Double Star”

Time: Sep 8th (Fri) to Sep 10 (Sun)
Draw a card from “Starlight Compass” Seal to obtain another draw from the Seal!


★ 9th Event: Special Event for Daily Guild Individual Missions

Time: Sep 4 (Mon) – Sep 10 (Sun)
Summoners will receive Black Key x 2 instead of 1 when a Daily Guild Individual Mission is completed during the event period. Good time to store some Black Keys!
Note: This Event is not applicable to the 6th Mysterious Mission!



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