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Tower of Saviors" 15.1 Version Updates on "The Mythos of Xian & Gods

Tower of Saviors” 15.1 Version Updates on “The Mythos of Xian & Gods


1. New Monsters

– 39 new Monsters and various new Skills, a total of 1729 Monsters available.
– New Limited Seal “The Eight Trigrams”, including 8 Monsters of the “The Eight Xian” series.

2. New Function “Sync with Facebook Friend List”

— As long as your friends have bound TOS Account with Facebook, you can make them become your allies with this new function.

3. Power Release of “Primal Greek Gods”

– With the Power Release of “Primal Greek Gods”, their Skills will be greatly boosted and refreshingly new Outfits will be shown!

4. Optimization of the User Interface and the Game

– 10 new Titles
– 3 links are added in the Announcements for TOS strategies/guides
– “New Ver” is added for sorting new Monsters of the current version
– “My Gift Packs” shortcut is added in the main page
– Skill Icon of Craft Essence is added
– Icon of Battle Points Up is added in “Edit Team” & “Boosted Monsters” in Arena

5. Game Adjustments

– Optimize skill interaction regarding the attack increase in adjacent team members and random team members
– In Arena, activating Combination or Switching does not consume Battle Points
– Daily refreshing limit in Arena increases to 2


“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.1/15.11 Version Fixed Issues

– When levelling up your Monster, pressing return button after choosing Material may result in display error
– There is no sound effect when switching to the page of Reward Record
– When redeeming Rewards in Arena, the return button may function abnormally if you go back to the Prize Point interface from setting
– “Dipankara the Eternal Buddha” does not have attacking sound effect
– If there is only 1 Machina in the team as an Ally, when activating “Switching”, it may result in game crash after dissolving the first group of Runestones
– When there are “Invisible” enemies, activating the Active Skill of “Twisted Voodoo – Zhang Jue” may result in game crash
– For the Active Skill of “The Alpaca Herder – Ma Chao”, “Earth Monster” does not include those Monsters who can switch their Attribute
– If there are “Goddess of Order – Giemsa” and “Duo of Frost – Yan & Xi” (Ame III) or “Duo of Flame – Yan & Xi” (Ame III) or “Duo of Forest – Yan & Xi” (Ame III) in the team, it may result in game crash
– If the Team Leader equipped the Dragonware of “Chinese Gods”, using Dragonic Compulsion may result in game crash
– In some cases, activating the Active Skill of “Lady White Bones the Deadly Skeleton” may affect her CDs abnormally
– The Team Skill of “Transcendental Sage – Tang Sanzang” functions abnormally; even number of “Zhu Bajie the Heavenly Marshal” or “Sha Seng the Sand Fiend” cannot be changed into Light Attribute
– The Active Skill “Rounds of Pre-Battle Ammunition” of “Sniper of Patina – Lionel” functions abnormally. It will be replaced with “Extension of Time” temporarily


“Tower of Saviors” iOS & Android 15.1/15.11 Version Known Issue

– Some of the character stories cannot scroll down
– The attacking effects of “Pili Puppets” series & some characters function abnormally
– There is a blank space at the bottom when opening the “Inbox”
– After defeating enemies with “Quintet Element Shield”, its icon may stay in the next round
– Opening and closing enemies’ description windows may result in game crash
– In some cases, locking enemies functions abnormally
– In boss battles with the background of “Flaming Mountain”, If you re-login the game, it may result in game crash. You may fail to receive the relevant Monster and the Stage may not be considered as “completed”
– Icon of “Purifying, Attack Lock & Water-hunt” has a display error



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