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Tower of Saviors Version 15.1 "The Mythos of Xian & Gods" Is Officially Launched! Ready For The New Diamond Seal "The Eight Xian"!

There are few days left until the launch of TOS version 15.1 – “The Mythos of Xian & Gods”. New series “The Eight Xian” will be waiting for you in the drawing machine “The Eight Trigrams”! Do remember “Candigon” is useful when upgrading the Skill Level of “The Eight Xian”.


 Let’s Welcome “The Eight Xian” in Heavenly Kingdom



“Xian” means celestial immortals in Chinese folklore. They’re living in the serene and dreamlike Heavenly Kingdom for the pursuit of Taoism. One day, Taishang Laojun’s painting was torn into pieces, which had alerted the eight Xian. In order to bring back the pieces, Lü Dongbin and Li Tieguai headed to the Realm of Humans, but Han Xiangzi was messing around, which made the whole thing even more complicated. Are they successful in finding the lost pieces?  What is the secret lying in the painting? Come and dig it out!


 Team Skill of “The Eight Xian”


“The Eight Xian” is at an advantage when dealing with Elves and Demons. Damage dealt on Elves and Demons by Monsters of “The Eight Xian” will be x 2 additionally!


 “Li Tieguai” Shines in Earth Team

 He Xian’gu” & “Lü Dongbin” Bring Power to God Race

With the debut of “The Eight Xian”, you can experience the unique strength they possessed, especially “Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai”, “Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu” and “Mischievous Wit – Lü Dongbin”. We will introduce them to you one by one.



  “Harvester of Soul Pieces” – Powerful Attack with Non-Elf & Non-Demon Members in Earth Team



If you want to maximize the effect of the Leader Skill “Harvester of Soul Pieces” of “Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai”, don’t bring Elves or Demons in the Team.  His Leader Skill can make Earth Gods, Earth Machinas, Earth Humans, Earth Beasts and Earth Dragons attack x4; Damage dealt on enemies of the Attributes of Runestones dissolved x 1.5.



Apart from the exclusive Team Skill of “The Eight Xian”, “Li Tieguai” has the ability to turn Runestones into Earth.


Setting “Li Tieguai” as Leader and Ally: for every 2 groups of Runestones dissolved, turn a Runestone into Earth Runestone at the end of the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted) (non-Earth Attributive Runestones in a number of more than 3 rank first in priority). This gives you strong Earth attack power and speeds up Monster’s Fuel!


 “Soul-penetrating Power” – Extending Moving Time & Increasing Attack



“Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai”, the Earth Machina, can activate his Skill “Soul-penetrating Power” upon 8CD:


Earth Attack & Machina Attack x 1.8; if the Monster’s Fuel is 100% upon Skill activation, the Attack multiplier increases to x 2.2. If there are 3 or more Machinas in the Team, extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 3 seconds. The Skill stays in play within the Wave. The Skill is particularly effective to counter enemies who have double HP bar or who can revive!


  “Assembly of the Eight Xian” – Unleashing the Power of Xian Members



“Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu” can unleash great attack power of Xian through her Leader Skill “Assembly of the Eight Xian”. If there are 4 or more Monsters of “The Eight Xian” in the Team, Attack bonus for each Combo increases by 125%; by dissolving Heart Runestones, Team Attack x 1.6 additionally.


  “Godly Charm of Gloom” – God & Dark Attack Up



Leader Skill “Godly Charm of Gloom” of “Mischievous Wit – Lü Dongbin”, the Dark God, is:

Dark Attack & God Attack x 3.4; if 3 Runestones are dissolved, Attack x 1.3 additionally; the more Runestones dissolved, the higher the Attack increases additionally, to the max x 2.5 for 15 Runestones dissolved.



 He Xian’gu” + “Lü Dongbin” – Extending Moving Time & Increasing Combo Count



  “Lotus Power” – God Attack Up & More Enchanted God Runestones Generated




The Active Skill “Lotus Power” of He Xian’gu can be activated upon 5CD:

God Attack x 1.8; for each group of Heart Runestones or Runestones of Team Members’ Attribute(s) dissolved, 1 Enchanted God Runestone will be generated, to the max 6 Runestones to be generated (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted). The Skill stays in play until receiving Damage from enemies’ attacks.


 “Trigram of Gloom” – Comparable with “The God of Destruction”



The Active Skill “Trigram of Gloom” of Lü Dongbin can be activated upon 6CD:


By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements, Runestones of that type will be exploded to generate Enchanted Dark God Runestones. For 1 Round, Dark Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones. The skill is particularly effective when dealing with Weakened Runestones, Lock-for-Recovery Runestones and Electrified Runestones. The more attributes in the team, the more powerful you are.


  “Candigon” – Level-up Material for “The Eight Xian”



“Candigon” is an exclusive material for Levelling up the Xian characters, which can increase the accumulated Battle Rounds to 600!  “Candigon” can be obtained in Black Hole, Bi-weekly Stages of “The Enchanted Painting” and “Trade Fortress”!


 “He Xian’gu” & “Lü Dongbin” VS “Sombre Void – Zeus”


The Demo introduces the Ultimate Stage of “Sombre Void – Zeus”. Led by “Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu” and “Mischievous Wit – Lü Dongbin”, we show you how powerful they’re with the skills “Assembly of the Eight Xian” and “Godly Charm of Gloom”.


※ Team Member:


  • 6* Supreme Lotus – He Xian’gu Lv 99
  • 6* Emulative Ascetic – Zhongli Quan Lv 99
  • 6* Longevous Child – Zhang Guolao Lv 99
  • 7* Gemini of Recall – Castor & Pollux Lv 99
  • 6* Moonlight of Marionette – Tsukuyomi Lv 99


※ Ally:

  • 6* Mischievous Wit – Lü Dongbin Lv 99





 Demo of Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai



The Demo introduces the Nightmare Stage of “Diablo, Nightmare Guttler of Elements”. “Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai” will use his Leader Skill “Harvester of Soul Pieces” to repel the enemies with the Earth Members.


※ Team Member:

  • 6* Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai Lv 99
  • 7* Scourge of Transfiguration – Circe Lv 99
  • 7* Shu the Dragon of Tempest Lv 99
  • 7* Dance of the Spear – Geironul Lv 99
  • 7* Yang Jian the Divinity of Salvation Lv 99


※ Ally:

  • 6* Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai Lv 99



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