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Tower of Saviors Ying Zheng’s Ultimate Stage “The Supreme Emperor” is coming! “Awakening Recall” of “Investiture of the Gods” Releases!

Entering the 3rd week, TOS is bringing you the Ultimate Stage “The Supreme Emperor” from our strong character “First Emperor – Ying Zheng” ! In addition, “Awakening Recall” of “Investiture of the Gods” finally releases!


● Ultimate Stage “The Supreme Emperor”



To achieve his ambition to rule the world, “First Emperor – Ying Zheng” creates an Ultimate Stage “The Supreme Emperor” to challenge each Summoner on 4 May(Fri). “Cold Sword Empress – Celsius” & “Qinglong the Prime King” will also join him in the battle. Prevail or perish – it’s in your hand.


● Crimson Incineration Sword – Enchanted Runestones, Explosion & Attack Up



“First Emperor – Ying Zheng” can activate “Crimson Incineration Sword” upon 7CD:

Explode Fire, Earth and Light Runestones.  Turn the 3 bottom rows of Runestones into Enchanted Runestones.  Water Attack x 1.6 for 2 Rounds. The Skill is particularly effective to enemies with “Weathered Runestones – Bottom Row”, “Weakened Runestones” & “Enchanted Runestone Shield” Skills.


●  “Awakening Recall” of Investiture of the Gods 



The long-awaited Awakening Recall of Investiture of the Gods will be available on 30 Apr (specific time). Power Release the Investiture of the Gods series, bring them to All Max, complete the Extra stage of story mode and gather required fragments to breakthrough the gate of their Awakening Recall! Upon AR, their overall power will be enhanced.


● Wen Zhong & Yang Jian: Skill CD Reduction



Upon Awakening Recall, “Wen Zhong the Sagacious Welkinite” & “Yang Jian the Divinity of Salvation” can reduce their Skill CD by 2 after dissolving all present Water & Earth Runestones respectively (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).



●  Dipankara: Extra Attack



Upon Awakening Recall of “Dipankara the Eternal Buddha”, for each group of Heart Runestones dissolved, the Monster launches an extra Fire attack, to the max 4 extra attacks. You can recover your HP and attack the enemies at the same time!


●  Jiang Ziya & Shen Gongbao: Self Attack Up



Upon Awakening Recall of “Jiang Ziya, High Marshal of Empyrean”, when HP is full, Monster’s Attack x 4, otherwise x 2.


Upon Awakening Recall of “Shen Gongbao, Grand Thunder Xian”, When HP is not full, Monster’s Attack x 4, otherwise x 2. Control your HP to bring the effect into full play.




●  First Emperor – Ying Zheng – Demo of “Crimson Incineration Sword”




The demo introduces “Woman of Veneration – Expert” as a battle stage. Teaming up with “Upright Utopian – Sun Ce”, “First Emperor – Ying Zheng” will showcase its “Crimson Incineration Sword” to take down the enemies.


※ Team Member:


* 6* Upright Utopian – Sun Ce Lv 99

* 6* First Emperor – Ying Zheng Lv 99

* 6* Wild Soul – Ame no Murakumo Lv 99

* 7* Wen Zhong the Sagacious Welkinite Lv 99

* 6* Sun Quan the Lord of Veiled Ability Lv 99


※ Ally:

* 6* Upright Utopian – Sun Ce Lv 99



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