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Tower of Saviors Guild War on the theme of “Confucius” is Sparked Off! “Mechanical Life” Series come to the Diamond Seal!


Tower of Saviors

Guild War on the theme of “Confucius” is Sparked Off!

“Mechanical Life” Series come to the Diamond Seal!




The Crossover of TOS x Crash Fever has entered into the 4th week. We’re bringing you the information about the Guild War “Taixue Master – Confucius” & the new Machina force from “Mechanical Life”  series, which will be added to Diamond Seal in future.


● The Guild War “Confucius” Rolls Out!!


* No Truce Period this time. Please get well prepared!



Led by “Taixue Master – Confucius”, Guild War “Leave No Child Behind” will begin on 7 May (Mon) 16:00. All the Guilds will be divided into “Red Army”, “Green Army” & “Blue Army”.  The Army who occupied the most Areas upon the conclusion of Guild War will become the winner!


● Gear Up & Get the Goodies



You can obtain lots of rewards by joining the Guild War “Leave No Child Behind”! Apart from the “Participation Reward” for each time you join the war, there are personal accumulated score rewards, Guild accumulated score rewards (personal score must reach 2000 or above), Guild Rank in Army rewards and Area Rewards, including “Yummy Alpacas” series, “Harpy”, “Bronze Madhead”, rare “Title” & “Taixue Master – Confucius”!





● Doubtless Wisdom – Solve Weathered Runestones & Bring Light Power




“Taixue Master – Confucius”, Light Human, can activate “Doubtless Wisdom” upon 6CD:

Turn Fire Runestones into Light Human Runestones, Weathered Runestones into Light Runestones.  For 2 Rounds, drop rate of Earth Runestones will be transferred to that of Light Runestones, which can solve your Weathered Runestones effectively, and gather more light elemental power.


● New Machina Force – “Mechanical Life” Series




In version 15.2, 5 new Machinas from “Mechanical Life” series will be added into Diamond Seal Machine! Furthermore, “Splash Surfer – Beta” & “Blitz Striker – Alpha” can be combined into an even stronger Monster!


●  10-Draw Diamond Seal Must Get 1 or more Characters from “Mechanical Life”



For every 10-Draw Diamond Seal, you’re guaranteed to get 1 or more characters from “Mechanical Life” series! Grab this chance to add more Machinas in your team.


* When the drawing event ends, you can still get the characters through Diamond Seal



●  “Boundless Imagination – Phi” – HP Recovery



“Boundless Imagination – Phi”, Earth Machina, can activate “Renewable Energy” upon 5CD and recover your HP constantly:

For every type of Runestones dissolved, recover 10% of the total HP of Machinas, to the max 50% for 5 types of Runestones dissolved (the Skill stays in play until reactivation of the Skill or defeated). Let’s bring her to the team with “Bionic Immortal – Li Tieguai” or “Final Calculation – Turing”.



●  Your Good Partners!



“Lament of Sacrifice – Epsilon” & “Deadly Annihilator – Schnauzer” are good partners. First activate the Skill of Schnauzer, then Epsilon, and see how powerful they’re.



● Water & Light Combination to Boost the Fuel




“Splash Surfer – Beta” & “Blitz Striker – Alpha” can be combined into “Resonance of the Twins – Beta & Alpha” (Water Attribute). Upon Combination, the Fuel of all Machinas will increase by 20%, and the Monster’s skill will also be strengthened.



● Demo – Skills of “Confucius” & “Mechanical Life”


The demo will showcase the skills of “Taixue Master – Confucius”, “Lament of Sacrifice – Epsilon” & “Deadly Annihilator – Schnauzer”. Let’s see how they subdue the enemies.






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