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“Christmas Jumbo Lucky Draw” Rewards Details

To celebrate the incoming Christmas, we’ll be releasing “Christmas Fun Gift Pack” on 30 Oct (Tue) early!
Upon purchase, you’ll receive Diamond x6 & Baby Harpy x5 instantly. In order to send you a physical Christmas card during Christmas, an in-game message will also be sent to you for providing delivery address and other related information via the form. You can refer to the participation methods printed on the Christmas card to redeem the reward of “Christmas Jumbo Lucky Draw”!

Event Period: 30 Oct (Tue) – 6 Nov (Tue)

HKD $38 / TWD $150 / USD $4.99

Gift Pack Content:
Diamond x6 (receive upon purchase)
Baby Harpy x5 (receive upon purchase)
Physical Christmas Card x1 (receive during Christmas)
Christmas Jumbo Lucky Draw x1 (receive during Christmas)
Summoners who have successfully registered can login the redemption website as instructed on the physical Christmas card to obtain one of the following “Christmas Jumbo Lucky Draw” rewards:

A: Diamond x 100
B: Diamond x 50
C: Diamond x 30
D: Diamond x 20
E: Diamond x 10
F: Diamond x 5
G: Diamond x 2
H: Black Key x 50
I: Yummy Alpacas x1 Set (5 Attributes)
J: Power Release Redemption Coupon x1 & Egg Watchman x2
K: Christmas Special Character x1
L: Harpy x1 & Baby Harpy x4
1. Every Summoner can only purchase the gift pack once.
2. Diamond x6 and Baby Harpy x5 will be delivered directly to “Community” -> “My Gift Packs” upon purchase.
3. The name “Special Edition of Jumbo Lucky Draw” announced previously has been changed into “Christmas Jumbo Lucky Draw”