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Tower of Saviors “Robert” PR Terror Stage! Meet “Lunar Vampire” in the Coliseum Event! “Allurement of Demons” Race Challenge!

Halloween is coming. We’re going to bring you terror by introducing a new Terror Stage “The Close Call” featuring the Power Release of “Trap of Immortality – Robert”! Besides, “Lunar Vampire – Theresia” will be waiting for your blood in the Coliseum stage “The Withered Fingertips”! And “Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” will lead a demon-race challenge next week


  •   “Robert” Power Release




“Robert”, who yearned for immortality, has used his wife’s fresh organs to elongate his life. Summoner can power release “Robert” with the material “Regenerator”! After PR, “Robert” will set up the Terror Stage “The Close Call” on 2 Nov (Fri), searching for more suitable organs…


“The Close Call” Info




Enemy Skill


Fabricated Euphoria – Todd
8000+ B&W Runestones
Mutant Ravenous Ghoul 2 31000+ Turning Runestones into Earth
31000+ Turning Runestones into Earth
Immortal Death – Elizabeth 3 1st Phase 9000+ Runestone-moving: 2 sec Water Runestones Locked for Recovery
2nd Phase 13000+ The enemy will turn into Water Attribute; and turn Runestones into Water Runestones; Nullify Water Combo; Uncontrollable
The Midnight Joker 4 19000+ Masked Runestones
Fatal Cursed Wraith 14000+ Lock All Active Skills
Murderous Mythicist Jack
1st Phase 10000+ The enemy attacks once at the beginning; Masked Runestones. Light Combo is made, the enemy reflects 100% of its Attack and recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt; the enemy attacks regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills
2nd Phase 13000+ Nullify Light Combo. Light Runestones will be electrified. 3 Light Runestones will be electrified
7009 the Invisible Killer
12000+ Clear the power of Craft Apparatus; invisible until its first attack; Attack greatly increases while being invisible, regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills. When the enemy’s HP ≤ 70%, Team Attack becomes 0 next Round; the enemy’s Attack x 3 starting from next Round
Trap of Immortality – Robert
1st Phase 11000+ Attack and Recovery can only be triggered in green vortex & red vortex. All Heart Runestones will be exploded by the enemy before the end of each Round. The more the Heart Runestones exploded by the enemy in the Round, the higher the enemy’s next Attack. Heart Runestones cannot be dissolved.
2nd Phase 95000+ CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1. All effects in play will be cancelled; CD of the cancelled Skills will be reset; The enemy will lock the Active Skills of non-Demons from the first Round onwards. All Attributive Runestones will be locked at the beginning of the first Round. Team Attack -20% for each Locked Runestone dissolved (triggering Dragonic Compulsion will be regarded as dissolving all present Locked Runestones).


  •  Team Skill ── Attribute Conversion; Stun Enemies; Demon Attack Up




Team Skill
Condition Effect
Both the Leader & Ally are 7* Monsters of “Crimson Grace Reborn – Refinement” of the same Attribute, with “Trap of Immortality – Robert” as a Team Member I Trap of Immortality – Robert will synchronize with that of the Leader
II If a Demon’s attack is over 8 million Damage (as shown on the icon), stun all enemies to inactivate them for 1 Round (once only within the Wave)
III Demon Attack +500 additionally


  • “Crimson Linkage – EX” ── Team Attack Up; Turning into Demon Enchanted Runestones




“Trap of Immortality – Robert” can activate “Crimson Linkage – EX” upon 8CD:


If 3 types of Runestones are dissolved in the Round, Team Attack x 3 for that Round; turn the columns of Runestones below 3 Demons into Enchanted Demon Runestones at the beginning of next Round.


  • Combined Skill Buff ── Team Attack Up ; Turning into Demon Enchanted Runestones





Bring “Trap of Immortality – Robert” with 7-star Monsters of  “Crimson Grace Reborn – Refinement” (Lv 50 or above) to activate the Combined Skill!


  •  New Coliseum Event: The Temperature Left




“Lunar Vampire – Theresia” will be in the Coliseum Stage “The Withered Fingertips” on 31 Oct (Wed)! Let’s have a vampire hunting to grab attractive rewards back by completing the event!




Theresia is lurking around advanced stage waiting for Summoners! The enemy receives no Damage, regardless of all Controlling Skills, and will deplete 100% of its HP in the next Round. When the Team consists of only Demons, Demon Attack x 2 for 7 Rounds. When there is non-Demon in the Team, all effects in play will be cancelled; Skill CDs of all Monsters will be reset; attacks of non-Demons will be nullified for 7 Rounds.


  • Bring Designated Demons to the Stage to Get Bonus Points





With 7-star Monsters of “Origin of Demons” or designated Demons, Summoners can get special bonus upon stage completion in the Coliseum. Each 7-star Monster of “Origin of Demons” or designated Demon (repeated monsters/Ally don’t count) can bring 20% bonus points to you!


  •  Theresia” Redemption! And More Old Characters For Limited Redemption!


30 points of Stamina will be consumed for entering the Advanced Stage in Coliseum once (the Basic one costs 15). Defeat the enemies to earn coupons for redeeming rare materials, including “Harpy”, “Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder”, “Theresia” , etc.



During the event period, successfully challenge the Coliseum 15 times or more to obtain the Outfit of “Sunnie”




Use the Points to redeem the rewards you want!



Old Characters available for redemption!

Don’t miss it!


  • “Bloodthirsty Desire” ── Attack Up; Sucking HP




Dark Demon “Lunar Vampire – Theresia” can activate “Bloodthirsty Desire” upon CD 8:



When Team HP is full before moving Runestones, Demon Attack x 2.  When the Team consists of only Demons, 3% of Damage dealt to enemies by the Monster will be converted to HP.  The Skill stays in play until Team HP ≤ 20%.


  • “Allurement of Demons” ── Trials of Demons!



Party of the Sins”! Fight for your honour!


“Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth” & “Inferno Savant” will bring the challenge “Allurement of Demons” on 1 Nov (Thur)! Summoners have to gather your strongest Demon members to pass through the stage! Each time you complete the challenge, the difficulty will be increased! Clear it for specific times to get more rewards!


Clear Times
Madhead x1
Wooded Vicious Opal x1
Earth God Exclusive
CDs of 2 random Earth Members -2;
God Attack +30%;
40% Damage will be dealt to enemies regardless of “Quintet Elemental Shield”
Harpy x1
4000 Souls
The Heartless Umpire x1


  •   “Maya” & “Atlantis” Return!



* Login during the event period to get a free draw each in the drawing machine “Fountain of the Gift” & “Calendar Round”


Light & Water Black-gold characters “Atlantis” & “Maya” will return from 31 Oct (Wed) to 8 Nov (Thur)! Each of them will be included in an independent drawing machine “Fountain of the Gift” & “Calendar Round”! Upon 40 Draws, you’re guaranteed to get (Dual Max) black-gold character! Besides, drawing in the “Fountain of the Gift” / “Calendar Round” will also give you the animated outfit of “Atlantis” / “Maya”.




  • Ancient Coins Seal Unlock




The “Ancient Coin Seal” will be available alongside the event “The Return of Civilization & Wisdom”, lasting for 9 days! Summoner can use 100 Ancient Coins to get a draw in the “Ancient Coin Seal”!


  • Purchase Bonus




To celebrate the return of the black-gold characters, “buy 30 get 30 free” will be offered to Summoners from 31 Oct (Wed) to 8 Nov (Thur) when you make a single purchase of Diamonds! Silver Amulet x1 will also be given as well!


  • Frutties “Green Apple” Debuts!




New Bi-weekly Series “Frutties” will be open next tue! Earth Elf “Green Apple” can activate “Juicy Sweetie – Earth” upon 6 CD:


Turn Earth Runestones into Elf Runestones.  For 1 Round, Heart Runestones also possess 50% effect of Earth Runestones; if Runestones of 5 Attributes are dissolved in the same Round, the Monster’s current Skill CD -2 (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).




When “Green Apple” is placed in mono-elf team, recovery of all Members will synchronize with that of the Member that has the highest Recovery (Active Skills do not apply)!


  • PR Robert ── Skill Demo


The demo introduces the ultimate stage of “Guinevere the Uncaged Butterfly”, showcasing the combined skill of “Trap of Immortality – Robert” & “Scorched Holocaust – Jackie” in front of the enemies!


※ Team Members:

* 7* Scorched Holocaust – Jackie Lv 99

* 7* Trap of Immortality – Robert Lv 99

* 8* Omniscient Dominator – Yog-Sothoth Lv 99

* 6* Mech Smilodon Lv 99

* 7* Gunfire of Dazzling Flames – Doris Lv 99


※ Ally:

* 7* Scorched Holocaust – Jackie Lv 99


* The stat of “Trap of Immortality – Robert” in the video has been changed. The correct stat is: