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Tower of Saviors “The Fallen Halos” Power Release! Joint Operation “Monstrous Flames – Hou” Debuts!



In version 17.3, “Monstrous Flames – Hou” is going to set up the Joint Operation “Growing Ablaze Power”. Besides, the remaining 4 characters of “The Fallen Halos”, including “Chessia” & “Abraham”, will be available for Power Release!

  • New Joint Operaiton ── “Growing Ablaze Power” 


New Joint Operation “Growing Ablaze Power” will be opened for challenge on 24 Jun. “Monstrous Flames – Hou” will be there as a boss waiting for every Summoner! You have to team up with your guild members in order to prevail.


In the extreme stage of “Vigorous Breath of Fire”, the enemy only receives Damage dealt by Beasts. A random type of Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones at the beginning of the first Round. When the enemy attacks for the first time, a random row of Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones; for the second time, a random column of Runestones will be turned into Fire Runestones.  The above runs as a cycle. When moving Runestones, recently touched positions would be burned.  Every time when a burned position is touched, Summoner will receive a Damage of 5000.

  • “Flames of Beasts” ── Constantly Turning into Beast Runestones


Fire Beast “Hou” can activate “Flames of Beasts” upon 8 CD:

When there are 3 or more Beasts in the Team: I. Turn 3 random Runestones into Beast Runestones upon Skill activation and at the end of each Round. II. Damage received -5% for every Beast Runestone dissolved, to the max -30%. The effect stays in play by dissolving Beast or God Runestones.

  •   “Kill Assist” Reward & “Collect All” Function Added


There will be “Kill Assist” reward for Joint Operation this time. When entering a stage with 81% completion or above, you can get extra reward after successfully beating the stage! Besides, “Collect All” function is added for Joint Operation rewards to save your time!

  •  Get “Primal Divinity – Fuxi” Animated Outfit!


* Image for reference only

Complete the Joint Operation 15 times (at least once for “Challenge” & “Extreme” each) to get “Primal Divinity – Fuxi” animated outfit & Harpy x1!

  •  New Craft into Trade Fortress


During the Joint Operation, a rare product will be put on sale in the Trade Fortress ── “Successive Pique Bubble” ! This is a unique Craft so don’t miss out!


  • Power Release of “The Fallen Halos” Part II


The remaining characters of “The Fallen Halos” – “Chessia”, “Abraham”, “Huifre” & “Mahonin” will be available for Power Release & Amelioration at 4 p.m, 24 June!


  •  Chessia’s “Illusory Blaze” ── x100 Fire Attack; HP & Recovery Up


After Power Release, the leader skill of “Disguised Self – Chessia” will be upgraded to “Illusory Blaze”:

Fire Attack x 4.8; HP & Recovery x 1.3. II. The more types of Runestones dissolved, the higher the Fire Attack increases additionally: Fire Attack x 1.5 for 2 types of Runestones dissolved, to the max x 2.1 for 4 types. When using “Disguised Self – Chessia” as Leader & Ally, Fire Attack can be up to x100 when fulfilling the conditions!

  •  Team Skill ── Heart-cracking, Runestone Effect Possession; The “Mark”


When using “Disguised Self – Chessia” as Leader & Ally, apart from triggering the exclusive “Mark” of the Fallen Halos, the leader skill will be changed into “Illusory Blaze – Heart-cracking”: Upon the completion of moving and dissolving Runestones each Round, all Heart Runestones will explode until there is no more Heart Runestone on the screen. Fire Runestones also possess the effect of Heart Runestones for easy recovery!

  • “Tricolor Circle – Blood & Blaze EX” ── Turning into Enchanted Runestones; Enchanted God Fire Runestones


After Power Release, Chessia can activate “Tricolor Circle – Blood & Blaze EX” upon 6 CD:

Randomly turn all Runestones into Enchanted Water, Enchanted Fire, Enchanted Earth and Enchanted Heart Runestones; increase the Occurrence rate of Fire Runestones while Fire Runestones will become Enchanted God Runestones.

  •  Abraham’s “Billows of Fatality” ─ HP, Recovery, Attack Up; Ex. Combo Up


Water God “Abraham” has the leader skill “Billows of Fatality”:

Water Attack x 5.25; HP & Recovery x 1.3. II. Summoner has a 50% chance to gain 1 Ex. Combo count for each group of Runestones dissolved, to the max 15 Ex. Combos (effects and Combo count can be superimposed) (stacking not affected by other Skills).

  • Team Skill ── Heart-cracking, Runestone Effect Possession, Ex. Combo Up, Attack Up


After Power Release, when using “Spacial Distortion – Abraham” as Leader & Ally, “Heart-cracking” effect will be added into Leader Skill! Water Runestones also possess the effect of Heart Runestones. Besides, when 4 or more Combos are made, Team Attack x 2.4 additionally.


  •   “Chains of Deep Sea” ── 12-sec Moving Time; Attack Up


After Power Release, “Spacial Distortion – Abraham” can activate “Chains of Deep Sea” upon 6 CD:

For 1 Round: I. Extend Runestone-moving time to 12 seconds. II. The more the groups of Runestones dissolved, the higher the Team Attack, to the max x 2.5 for 10 groups.

  • Huifre’s “Elimination of Beam & Gloom – EX” ── Explosion; Dropping Enchanted Runestones


“Locked Sentiment – Huifre” can activate “Elimination of Beam & Gloom – EX” upon 5 CD:

Explode all Light and Dark Runestones to generate Enchanted Water, Enchanted Fire, Enchanted Earth and Enchanted Heart Runestones. II. Turn Earth Runestones into Enchanted Runestones. III. When the Team consists of only Gods, turn Earth Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones.


  •   Mahonin’s “Quick Flicks of Light” ── Attack Up; Turning into Enchanted Light Human Runestones


After Power Release, “Blinded Pride – Mahonin” can activate “Quick Flicks of Light” upon 6 CD:

For 2 Rounds: I. Light Attack x 1.6. II. Turn the first 6 Runestones touched while moving into Enchanted Light Human Runestones.

  • New Transmigration of Fallen Halos!


New Transmigration “Chains of the Fallens” featuring the PR Fallen Halos will be released on next monday to test your skills! Passing the trials of “Abraham”, “Chessia” & “Satan” will give you “The Heartless Umpire” & “Harpy” as rewards.

  •   Hou’s Skill Demo

The demo showcases the skill of “Monstrous Flames – Hou” teaming up with “Tian Wu” & “Bi Fang” to slay the enemies!

※ Team Members:

* 6* Carefree Mindset – Zero Lv 99

* 7* Monstrous Flames – Hou Lv 99

* 6* Ablaze Flamingo – Bi Fang Lv 99

* 6* Thunder Runner – Tian Wu Lv 99

* 6* Lethal Boxer – Fist Lv 99

※ Ally:

* 6* Cat of Charisma – Mellow Lv 99