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Tower of Saviors x ULTRAMAN Crossover Debuts in v17.4! “Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong” Horror Stage Coming Soon!

Tower of Saviors x ULTRAMAN Crossover Debuts in v17.4!

“Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong” Horror Stage Coming Soon!


Tower of Saviors version 17.4 will be released on 29 Jul (Mon). We’ll be having a crossover with ULTRAMAN, the classic TV Series produced by Tsuburaya Productions! Before the crossover event, “Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong” will first bring you the horror stage “Imprisoned Catastrophe”! Arena Character “Denise” will be able to evolve into “Shadow Galloper – Denise” soon!

  •  Horror Stage ── “Imprisoned Catastrophe”


Water Beast “Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong” will debut on 22 Jul (Mon)! This horror stage has a grade system. Challenge the stage “Flood of Despair” with your intelligence and skills! Successfully completing “Flood of Despair – Beginner” 5 times gives you “Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong” x1 (Skill Lv.5)!

  • Horror Stage “Imprisoned Catastrophe”: A Recognition of Your Power


In “Imprisoned Catastrophe”, Summoner has to beat the stage with the shortest number of rounds, shortest time, highest combos and highest attack to get the highest score! When you score 10000, 30000, 50000 & 70000, you can obtain specific attractive rewards!

  •   “Waves of Deluge” ── Reduce Enemy Defense; Increase Monster Attack


“Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong” can activate “Waves of Deluge” upon 8CD:

For 1 Round, reduce the Defense of all enemies to 0, adding the deducted Defense into the Monster’s Attack, to the max up to 20000.

  •  Arena “Denise” Evolves into Dark Beast


When reaching specific rank in the Arena, you can get the rare character “Rookie Knight – Denise” (Skill Lv 10) x 1! Starting from 12:00 pm, 22 Jul (Mon), Denise can be evolved into Dark Beast “Shadow Galloper – Denise”!

  •  “Soul of the Knight – Beasts” ── Attack Up; Increase Recovery; Turn into Beast Runestones


Dark Beast “Shadow Galloper – Denise” has the leader skill “Soul of the Knight – Beasts”:

Beast Attack x 4.5.  Monster’s Recovery of each Member +500.  When the Craft Apparatus is fully charged, Beast Attack x 1.5 additionally.  For each Attribute of Runestones dissolved, turn 2 Runestones of that Attribute into Beast Runestones at the end of the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

  • “Emblem of Beasts” ── Explosion; Drop Beast Runestones; Recover Hp


“Shadow Galloper – Denise” can activate “Emblem of Beasts” upon 5CD:

I. By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements, explode Runestones of that type to generate Runestones not of that type.
For 1 Round:
II. The first batch of Runestones to be dropped will be Beast Runestones.
III. Recover 2000 HP for each Beast Runestone dissolved, to the max recover up to 100% HP.

  • “Giant of Light” Into the Realm! 

During the crossover in version 17.4, 8 characters from “Giant of Light” series will come to the realm! Summoners can summon “Ultraman” in the diamond seal “Transformation Device”!

  •   Ultraman’s Active Skill


Light God “Ultraman” has the team skill “Damage dealt to Invaders x2” and can activate his active skill upon 5 CD:

Release the locked Skills of “Ultraman” (this Skill will not be locked); All effects in play will be cancelled; Turn the columns of Runestones below “Ultraman” into Enchanted Runestones!


  •  Ultraman Dyna’s Active Skill


Water God “Ultraman Dyna” can activate his active skill upon 5CD:

I. Explode Runestones of the Monster’s Attribute, Heart Runestones, Frozen Runestones and Electrified Runestones to generate God Runestones of the Monster’s Attribute;

II. For 2 Rounds, reduce the Defense of all enemies to 0!


  •   Ultraman Taro’s Active Skill


Fire God “Ultraman Taro” can activate his active skill upon 7 CD:

I. Turn 3 rightmost columns into Enchanted Fire, Enchanted Earth, Enchanted Light, Enchanted Dark and Enchanted Water Runestones of fixed numbers and fixed positions;

II. When 3 or more “Ultraman” in the team, turn 3 rightmost columns into God Runestones!



Ultraman Taro’s Active Skill

  • Arena New Character for Redemption – “Gomora”!


Upon version 17.4, new character “Gomora” can be redeemed with Prize Points in Arena!


Fire Beast “Gomora” can activate its active skill upon 6CD:

I. Release the locked Skills of the Monster & “Invaders” (this Skill will not be locked)

II. Deal 100,000 Fire Damage to all enemies

III. For 1 Round, Beast & “Invaders” attack x 2.5!

  • Skill Demo of Gonggong

This demo showcases the active skill of “Gonggong” to reduce enemy’s defense and break the petrified runestones! With the increase in Monster’s Attack, enemies are taken a heavy blow!

※ Team Members

* 7* Spacial Distortion – Abraham Lv 99

* 6* Cosmic Apocalypse – Gonggong Lv 99

* 6* Marine Sharkneral – Odous Lv 99

* 6* Maheśvara – ShivaLv 99

* 7* Lamentable Clairvoyant – Cassandra Lv 99

※ Ally

* 7* Spacial Distortion – Abraham Lv 99

**All relevant events & rewards of “ULTRAMAN” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only