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EN Migration Q&A


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EN Migration Q&A


About Important Dates

1. How long is the EN migration period?

The migration starts from late July to 31 Dec 2019. Guild Presidents will be able to migrate two days prior than other players.

2. Any special date I should be aware of?

Starting from 9 Sep 2019, only the landing screen will be remained in TOS EN version; and TOS EN version will be withdrawn from App Store in the following regions:
Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.


About Migration Procedures

3. What is EN migration?

It is the process to transfer all EN players to the TOS bilingual version via data transfer website.

4. Why is EN migrating?

As notified by Apple recently on the requirements of Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines, submitting two individual apps in different languages (Traditional Chinese and English) in the same territories to App Store is strictly restricted and considered as duplication of content and functionality. As Such, in order to comply with these Guidelines, we decided to release the game, Tower of Saviors (“TOS”), under a single bilingual app including both EN and ZH versions at the same app.

5. What rewards should I claim before starting the migration?

Please claim the following rewards BEFORE migration:
– Arena Quarter Reward
– Coliseum Reward (Redeemed by coupon)
– Joint Operation Reward
– Tournament Reward (Redeemed by coupon)

6. What are the procedures of EN migration?

Once the data transfer website is released, you can start the migration in the website. When the registration is completed, a queuing ticket will be assigned to you. The transfer will begin automatically upon your ticket number.

7. What is One-Time Code?

You’ll receive the One-Time Code in the landing screen of TOS EN version after clicking the button “Get One-Time Code” in the data transfer website.

8. What is a transitional account?

Transitional account is a new account created in the TOS bilingual version, which allows us to replicate your original account data to the dummy account.

9. What is the TOS bilingual version?

Starting from 9 Sep 2019, there’ll only be single TOS app which offers in-app language selection.

10. If I have downloaded the TOS bilingual version, can I immediately migrate my EN account?

The migration starts from late July. Stay tuned for more updates.

11. Can I migrate after the deadline?

After the deadline, migration cannot be done in the data transfer website.
Players need to contact our customer support via
However, It will take a rather lengthy process to transfer after the deadline, so all EN players are strongly advised to do it before the deadline.

12. Which time zone should I refer to?

GMT +8. After EN migration, the time zone will also be GMT+8.

13. Will any event be extended to cater for different time zones?

Starting from late July, Ultimate stages, Nightmare stages and Chance Up (Diamond Seal) events will be extended one more day.

14. What if I haven’t been login into my account for a long time and I forgot my login credentials?

Please contact our customer support via and provide necessary information as required.

15. What currency does the TOS bilingual version adopt?

The currency option is based on the registered region of your Google Play or App Store account.

16. What should I do if I want to migrate but the TOS EN app has already withdrawn from App Store?
Please change your app store country.

17. What will happen to the TOS EN app in the future?

No more updates will be provided on the EN version. Only a landing screen will be shown on EN version for verification purposes when players transfer account data into the bilingual version.

18. Will crossover events be lock-region after migrated?



About Data Transfer

19. What will happen to my diamonds and the other resources?

Your in-game items will be transferred to the TOS bilingual version. For the details of transferable in-game items, please refer to this list.

20. What will happen to my TOS community?

Upon the data transfer completion, you’ll be able to find your friend list on the data transfer website (login with EN UID & Verification Code required). This feature will be available later. The system will mark those players who have migrated to the TOS bilingual version, allowing you to add them back manually.

21. What will happen to my TOS UID?

Your UID will remain the same if it’s not taken in the TOS bilingual version. If yes, the system will distribute the UID closest to your original one.

22. Is there any requirement for the transitional account?

Your transitional account must fulfill the following conditions:
– Created on or after 22 Jul 2019
– Summoner level is 4 or below
– Hasn’t made any purchase
– Hasn’t joined any Guild
– Bound with a Facebook account (You can still use the EN-bound Facebook account to bind the new account in the bilingual version)

23. What will happen to my account after the migration procedures?

For EN account:
Once the data transfer has started, you CANNOT log into your English version account anymore.

For transitional account:
Once the data transfer has started, your transitional account will NOT be available until the completion of the transfer.

24. Can I bind my TOS bilingual account with the same Facebook account I bound my EN TOS account with?

Yes if the Facebook account hasn’t bound with any TOS ZH account before.

25. My TOS ZH account and EN account bind with the same Facebook account. Can I keep my two TOS accounts?

Yes. You can use a new Facebook account to bind your TOS EN account when you migrate.
Then both your TOS accounts can be kept.

26. What if I have two accounts, do I have to reinstall the app everytime I switch account?

No. The logout function will be available very soon.

27. Can I transfer my items of EN account into ZH account?


28. My current account binds to old Facebook account, can I change to new Facebook account when I migrate?

Yes, you can use a new Facebook account to bind your TOS EN account when you migrate.

29. How to handle my account without binding?

You have to bind your account with Facebook in order to complete the data transfer.

30. Do I have to keep my browser open during the queuing?

Closing the browser will not cancel your queuing process.
You can always login the website again to get back to this page.

31. Will I still have my unclaimed gift pack content, TOS Club membership and TOS Club Stars?


32. Can the migration process be undone?

Data transfer procedure cannot be withdrawn once the data has been transferred to the TOS bilingual version.

33. What should I do when the migration process is done?

You can start playing in the TOS bilingual version immediately.

34. I’m an Android user. Do I need to migrate?

Yes. All EN version players, regardless of platforms and regions, need to migrate.

35. If I bound my EN TOS account with Twitter, will it affect my transferring process?

No. No matter which social media account you’ve bound with your TOS EN account, you must bind your TOS bilingual account with your Facebook during migration.


About Guild

36. Can my Guild be migrated?

Yes. For the details of transferable Guild data, please refer to here.

Once the Guild is created, Guild members will be added into the Guild automatically upon their migration.

Important: Guild presidents are strongly advised to migrate before the members. If members migrate before the president, they cannot be added into the Guild automatically.

37. I’m a Guild President. What will happen if I migrate to the TOS bilingual version?

If a Guild president is migrated, a Guild with same Level and EXP will be created in the TOS bilingual version upon the completion of data transfer.
After the migration, the president position of the Guild in the TOS EN version will be frozen. Guild members will be added into the Guild automatically upon their migration. The Guild president will have to appoint the Vice-President manually.

38. What if there is a guild in TOS bilingual version that has already taken the same name as mine?

“_1” will be added to your Guild name. If this happens, Guild Presidents can contact our customer support via for name changing service.

39. What will happen to my Guild Number?

A new number will be assigned to your Guild.

40. After the migration, will the EN Guilds and ZH Guilds be in the same competition?



About Arena

41. What will happen to my Arena Ranking and unclaimed rewards?

Arena Ranking can be transferred up to “Warlord” rank after migrated. For example, if you’ve reached “Legend” rank before migration, your Arena Ranking will be transferred to “Warlord” rank after migration. Unclaimed reward cannot be claimed after data transfer. Players are strongly advised to claim the reward before starting the process.

42. After the migration, will the EN players and ZH players be in the same Arena competition?



About Rewards

43. How to claim my Welcome Rewards?

Your Welcome Rewards can be redeemed in “Community” → “Rewards”.

44. What will I get from the Welcome Rewards?

The content of Welcome Reward is listed as below:
– 30 Diamonds
– 5,000,000 Coins
– 5,000 Prize Points
– Guild President: Extra 20 Diamonds
– Guild Member: Extra 10 Diamonds

45. What is Early Bird Reward?

Early Bird Reward will be given for those players who confirm to migrate within the following periods in the data transfer website.
– First 2 weeks upon website launching: Extra 10 Diamonds
– 3rd & 4th week upon website launching:

46. For questions other than Q&A session, what should I do?

Please contact our customer support via