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Tower of Saviors “Flawed Reborn” Horrible Experiment! Ultimate Stage “Unraveling Jealousy – Malachite”!

Tower of Saviors

Flawed Reborn” Horrible Experiment!

Ultimate Stage “Unraveling Jealousy – Malachite”!


As Halloween is approaching, we’re going to bring you the experiment “Flawed Reborn” next week! Besides, “Unraveling Jealousy – Malachite” will set up the ultimate stage “Runner-up’s Shame”!

  • Flawed Reborn” ── 10 Floors of Experiment!

“Cuff” found himself modified with metal materials after badly injured and lost conscious at the alley! He will be waiting for you in the 10-floor stage in “Lost Relic” after body modification.


For the 1st to the 9th floor of “Tragedy of Science”, you’re required to use the designated teams to challenge, while for the 10th floor you may use your own team! After beating the challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a golden title.

  •   Bizarre Midnight Party ── “Tobey the Doll Mistress”


Sweet Bloodlust – Noah”, “1030cc Motorbike Rider – Black Cat” and other characters are drawn to the Halloween to join this bizarre midnight party! “Tobey the Doll Mistress” will be exclusive for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand! For the first clearance of the stage, you can get those characters (Skill Lv 8) to your inventory!

  •  Ultimate 10-floor Challenge to Get “Synthetic Existence – Cuff”


In recognition of players’ glory, those who can pass the 10th floor will be rewarded with “Synthetic Existence – Cuff” (Skill Lv.1) x1! For the 1st clearance of the 5th floor, you can get “Synthetic Existence – Cuff” (Skill Lv.5) x1!

  • Synthetic Existence – Cuff” ── Fatal Electricity Flow


Machina “Synthetic Existence – Cuff” can activate “Fatal Electricity Flow” upon 6 CD:

I. Electrify all enemies for 3 Rounds.
For 1 Round: II. Runestone movement will not be stopped when touching Electrified Runestones. III. The Monster’s Attack x 3.


Complete specific floor of “Flawed Reborn” to get PR material & “Harpy”!


Vote for your favorite golden title!

  •   Halloween Pumpkin Night; Special Package in Trade Fortress


Login on the Halloween 31 Oct, you will get “Pumpkin Trio” (Max Lv) x3 to have a fun night. Besides, “Mischievous Package” will also be ready in Trade Fortress with the special offer of only 1031 coins! 


  •  Ultimate Stage  ── Runner-up’s Shame


Malachite” always ranks no.2 in the exam as long as that person is here. Therefore, he is envious but also helpless. Later on he found that that person has sneaked into the Girl’s School and got close to the girl whom he’s into! This “Runner-up’s Shame” has dragged all of you into the Ultimate Stage!

  • Malachite’s Enemy Skill

During the 1st phase, when the enemy attacks, Team Recovery -25%.

The more the enemy attacks, the more the Team Recovery is reduced, to the max -100%.

The enemy poisons all Monsters, causing a Damage of 90% of Summoner’s HP every Round until its defeat.Damage received by the enemy will be lowered to 10% unless it is ignited. So you can bring “Timid Prodigy – Sapphire” to break this enemy skill!


During the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1. Active Skills and attacks of all Members will be locked for 1 Round. In the first Round, the enemy explodes all Earth Runestones to decrease its Damage received onwards (to the max -100%). Team Recovery becomes 0.

  •   Unraveling Jealousy – Malachite” ── Fragments of Light


Malachite” can activate “Fragments of Light” upon CD 7:

I. Explode Light Runestones to generate Enchanted Heart Runestones.
For 1 Round: II. Attributive Damage dealt on enemies x 2. III. Non-Attributive Damage dealt on enemies x 3.

  •  Complete 3-star Achievement to Get Rare Craft


  •  New Transmigration ── Between Reality & Virtuality


Minerelves” and “Elfish Perennials” will bring the new transmigration mission “Between Reality & Virtuality” to players on 28 Oct (Mon)! You need to have a strong will to overcome different obstacles in order to get to the bottom of the stage.


Completing specific floors will give you some rewards as a recognition. Be prepared for it!

  •  New Bi-weekly Character “Rhodochrosite”


Teacher of the Minerelves Girl’s School ── “Charming Siderite – Rhodochrosite” and her fiance had a quarrel. She was put into a deep pit and desperate to see a giant centipede is approaching her. Will she make it in one piece? Or will her fiance save her? 17.jpg

Charming Siderite – Rhodochrosite”, who will be featured in the bi-weekly stage next monday, can activate “Charm of Wildness” upon 8 CD:

I. Explode Fire Runestones and the columns of Runestones below Elves to generate Enchanted Runestones.
For 1 Round: II. By dissolving 20 or more Enchanted Runestones, Fire Attack & Elf Attack x 1.6. Fire Elf Attack x 2.2.

  • Malachite Skill Demo

Unraveling Jealousy – Malachite” will set up the ultimate stage “Runner-up’s Shame” at 10pm, 1 Nov (Fri)! In the demo, he is teaming up with Diamond to show his power against “Heart Runestone Shield”!


  • Cuff Skill Demo

Synthetic Existence – Cuff” will be available in “Flawed Reborn” on 28 Oct (Mon)! In the demo, Cuff will show his immunity to Electrified Runestones against the enemies!