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Tower of Saviors “Kalluto” Coliseum Event! “Kurta Clan – Kurapika” Horror Stage Begins!

Tower of Saviors

“Kalluto” Coliseum Event!

Kurta Clan – Kurapika” Horror Stage Begins!


During the crossover “TOS×Phantom Troupe” in version 18.2, next week we’ll bring you “Kalluto”, member of Phantom Troupe, and “Kurapika”, the survivor of the Kurta Clan! They’ll be showing up in the Coliseum event and Horror Stage respectively. 

  •  New Coliseum Event: “Paper Cut×Investigation×Eavesdropping”


“Kalluto” is going to establish the Coliseum stage “Bad Habit of Sadism” on 12 Dec (Thur)! Beat him to get treasure tickets and redeem different rewards.


In the “Advanced” of “Bad Habit of Sadism”:

If there is Monster(s) of “Spider×Magician” in the Team:

⓵ Member(s) of “Spider×Magician”

⇒ Active Skill CD(s) of the Monster(s) becomes 0;

⇒ Attack of the Monster(s) x 2 for 7 Rounds.

⓶ The enemy receives no Damage, regardless of all Controlling Skills, and will deplete 100% of its HP in the next Round.

If not:

⓵ The enemy raids once at the beginning of the first Round.

⓶ A random column of Runestones on the far left or far right side will be weathered. 

After that, upon receiving Damage from the enemy’s attacks, the top or bottom row of Runestones will be weathered. 

If any Weathered Runestone is touched, Runestone movement will be stopped immediately and a Damage of 15,000 will be dealt to Summoner.

⓷ The enemy disregards all Controlling Skills.

  •  Bring Specific Members; Get Treasure Tickets!


If you bring characters of “HUNTER×HUNTER” or “Spider×Magician” to the Coliseum, special bonus will be given upon the end of the battle: Each monster of the above (repeated monsters/Ally don’t count) can bring 20% bonus points to you!

  •  Redeem “Kalluto” with Treasure Ticket! “Spider×Magician” Skill Lv-up Material on Sale!


  30 points of Stamina will be consumed for entering the Advanced Stage in Coliseum once (the Basic one costs 15). Defeat the enemies to earn coupons for redeeming rare materials, including “Harpy”, “Jade Rabbit the Elixir Pounder”, “Kalluto” and etc! During the event period, challenge the coliseum event 15 times or more and you’ll be rewarded with the outfit “Stealthy Assassination – Heimdallr”! Nevertheless, Daily Discounted Treasure is added into this Coliseum event. Different daily limited items can be redeemed by your redemption coupon!



  • Dance of the Serpent’s Bite” ── Unlimited Runestone Movement without Dissolving; 1-Match Water, Dark & Heart Runestones


“Kalluto” can activate “Dance of the Serpent’s Bite” upon 9 CD:

For 1 Round:
I. Unlimited Runestone movement without dissolving.
II. Water, Dark and Heart Runestones can be dissolved singly or in groups of 2 or more.


1-match Water, Dark & Heart Runestones to create high combos!

  •  Horror Stage ── “Limitation×Vow×Life Cost”


Kurta Clan – Kurapika” will set up the Horror Stage “Limitation×Vow×Life Cost” on 9 Dec. This horror stage has a grade system. Challenge the stage “Exchange Life with Power” with your intelligence and skills! Successfully completing “Exchange Life with Power – Beginner” 5 times gives you “Kurta Clan – Kurapika” x1 (Skill Lv.5)!

  • Horror Stage “Limitation×Vow×Life Cost“: A Recognition of Your Power


In “Exchange Life with Power”, Summoner has to beat the stage with the shortest number of rounds, shortest time, highest combos and highest attack to get the highest score! When you score 10,000 , 30,000, 50,000 & 70,000, you can obtain specific attractive rewards!

  •  Dual Skills ──  “Chain Jail” & “Target of Scarlet Eyes”


Light Human “Kurta Clan – Kurapika” can activate “Chain Jail” upon 9 CD:

For 2 Rounds:
I. Restrain all enemies to inactivate them.
II. Damage dealt on enemies x 1.5
III. Runestone movement will not be stopped when touching Electrified Runestones.


 “Kurta Clan – Kurapika” can activate another skill “Target of Scarlet Eyes” upon 8 CD:

For 1 Round:
I. The Monster’s Attack x 3.
II. Damage dealt on Humans by the Monster x 2 additionally.
III. When there is a Controlling Skill on an enemy,⇒ the Monster’s Attack x 1.5 additionally.

  • Skill Demo of “Kurta Clan – Kurapika” 

In this demo, “Kurta Clan – Kurapika” will use his dual skills to defeat the enemies with Light members!

  • Skill Demo of “Kalluto”

In this demo, Kalluto will join the Troupe and assist “Chrollo” with her skill “Dance of the Serpent’s Bite” to defeat enemies!

* All relevant events & rewards of “HUNTER x HUNTER” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only