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【Bomber×Little Flower×Danger】Celebration Event


★ 1st Event: Daily Login Diamonds
Time: 23 Dec (Mon) – 27 Dec (Fri)
1 Diamond will be given daily during this period. Log in everyday to get a total of 5 Diamonds!

★ 2nd Event: Login Reward “Joy to the Realm”
Time: 25 Dec (Wed)
Login during the event day to get the following rewards!
– Inventory Slot x5
– Friend Slot x5
– Craft Slot x5

*One day limited

★ 3rd Event: Guild Mission “Snowy Xmas”
Time: 23 Dec (Mon) – 29 Dec (Sun)
Light up to winter to bring back warm memories with you guild members!

1. Starting from this event, bonus Diamond rewards will be added into guild missions, including accumulated guild scores, personal scores and person ranking.
2. Achieving 200 in personal score to obtain brand new outfit “Angel of Christmas – Hel”.
3. Collect all “Memorial Photo” to receive new rare title.
4. Special arrangements for Christmas Guild Missions:
Top 100 ranking is not available in this event.
There are achievement rewards for guild missions this time. When you meet certain conditions after completing the stage and accumulate certain achievement stars, “Memorial Photo” will be rewarded (shown in result page); “Memorial Photo” will also grant you certain bonus scores.

★ 4th Event: New Ultimate Stage “Touch to Explode”
Time: 27 Dec (Mon) 22:00 – 29 Dec (Sun) 23:59
Feel the horror of melody of life!

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get the rare Compulsion Reward
* Complete the stage 3 times to get a “Genthru” (Skill lv. 7)
* The Ultimate Stage “Unstoppable Power” and Nightmare Stage “No Rule Violators” will be available at the same time. 1st-time clearance reward, accumulated completion reward and achievement reward will not be reset
* All relevant events & rewards of “Spider×Magician” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only

★ 5th Event: Returning Ultimate Stage “Falling into Temptation”
Time: 24 Dec (Tue) 22:00 – 26 Dec (Thur) 23:59

* Challenge the 3-star achievement to get 400 Souls
* Complete the stage 3 times to get a “Lilah the Impure Allurer” (Skill lv. 7)

★ 6th Event: Source of Victory
Time: 28 Dec (Sat) – 29 Dec (Sun)
Log in within the event period to receive Stamina Refill x1! (The Stamina Refill must be used within the event period)

* Important:
Login on 28 Dec (Sat) – 29 Dec (Sun) to receive Stamina Refill x 1 in “Community” → “Rewards”
The Stamina Refill must be used within Time: 28 Dec (Sat) – 29 Dec (Sun)

★ 7th Event: Diamond Seal Event “Phantom Troupe×Bounty×Up”
Time: 27 Dec (Fri) – 29 Dec (Sun)
During the event period, chances of drawing rare Characters from “Mizumishiki – Troupe” will be significantly increased!

* All relevant events & rewards of “Spider×Magician” are Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand exclusive only.

★ 8th Event: Special Mission “Let’s Do Some Xmas Shopping”
Time: 23 Dec (Mon) – 5 Jan (Sun)
Hakki series has dressed in Christmas costumes! Don’t keep them waiting!

* After completing each stage, corresponding christmas outfit of “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse”, Prime Millennium Soulstones x5 and “Yummy Alpaca” x1 will be rewarded
* After completing all the stages, extra challenge “Eve’s Bliss” will be unlocked. Complete the stage to get the new outfit “Sweetest Xmas Gift – Eve”!

★ 9th Event: Purchase Bonus
Time: 23 Dec (Mon) – 29 Dec (Sun)
No matter if a purchase has been made before or not, you will receive extra 15 Diamonds for the FIRST time you make a single purchase of 15 or more Diamonds within the event period! Each Summoner could receive the reward only once.

* The Purchase Bonus is available for users of iOS and Android (Google Play and APK).

★ 10th Event: Purchase Rewards “TGS Bundle Gift Pack”
Time: 23 Dec (Mon) – 10 Feb 2020 (Mon)
During the event period, purchase Exclusive MyCard and redeem “TGS Bundle Gift Pack” in the game to receive Diamond rewards and new material. After purchasing “TGS Bundle Gift Pack”, visit Madhead TGS 2020 booth at Taipei Game Show 2020 in person to get a draw chance of “TOS 7th Anniversary Gift Pack” with a 90% odds of winning!

Price: MyCard Excluisve 999 Points (TWD $999)
■ Diamond x5
■“Madhead Slab” x5
■ “TOS 7th Anniversary Gift Pack” on-site draw chance x1 at Madhead TGS 2020 booth

【Redemption Period】
The redemption period of the exclusive card is until 10 Feb 2020, 23:59 (GMT+8). Early purchase bonus: If you purchase the “TGS Bundle Gift Pack” by 31 Dec 2019, 23:59 (GMT+8) and complete the gift pack draw at Taipei Game Show 2020, extra Diamond x5 will be rewarded. The Diamonds will be added into player’s account on or before 12 Feb 2020.

1. Each UID can purchase once only
2. Only applicable to players with TOS APK version
3. Summoner can exchange for returning outfit with “Madhead Slab” x5 in future. “Madhead Slab” can also be obtained in the game later on.
4. The 1st batch of returning outfits to be exchanged is “Protagonists” and “Medea”. The redemption period is 30 Dec (Mon) – 31 Mar (Tue).
5. Go to “Community” -> “My Gift Packs” to claim “Madhead Slab”. The in-game reward must be redeemed within 30 days upon purchase. 5 Diamonds will be added into account immediately upon purchase.
6. After purchasing the designated MyCard, you need to purchase “TGS Bundle Gift Pack” with this card in the TOS APK version during the event period to be eligible for physical gift pack draw.

★ 11th Event: Special Event “Xmas Gift for Everyone!”
Time: 25 Dec (Wed) – 29 Dec (Sun)
Attention! We’re sending some christmas presents to you!

* One-off stage

★ 12th Event: Trade Fortress “Soul Exchange Xmas Sale”
Time: 23 Dec (Mon) – 5 Jan (Sun)
To celebrate Christmas, discounted products will be put on sale in Soul Exchange.
All just costs 70 Souls!

Available items:
“Plump Precious Beasts” x1 Set (each 14 Souls)
“Harpy” x1
“Pyro Essence Soulstone” x1
“Profound Vision of Robot – Android” x1

★ 13th Event: Guild Event Droprate Bonus “Unexpected Guests”
Time: 28 Dec (Sat) – 29 Dec (Sun)
You’ll have a high chance to meet the raiding Monsters in stages of the guild mission and droprate of rare items will be increased!

★ 14th Event: Bonus Stamina
1st Bonus Period: 23 Dec (Mon) – 24 Dec (Tue)
2nd Bonus Period: 25 Dec (Wed) – 26 Dec (Thur)

Stamina Refill x 1 will be given to Summoners who use Diamond to restore Stamina for the first time during the designated period. A total of 2 Stamina Refills can be obtained.

【7th Anniversary Celebration】 Begins!

“7th Anniversary Login Rewards”
Time: 2 Dec (Mon) – 6 Mar (Fri)
Login on the specific day every week to snatch extra amazing rewards!

“Enhanced Level-up Result for 7th Anniversary”
Time: 2 Dec (Mon) – 8 Mar (Sun)
In each event week, you will definitely get “Brilliant” or “Perfect” level up results for designated series during the event period!

“Double Keys for Personal Guild Mission”
Time: 2 Dec (Mon) – 6 Mar (Fri)
During the event period, the amount of Black Key Personal Guild Mission reward will be doubled!

“Exclusive Slot Machine for 7th Anniversary”
Time: 2 Dec (Mon) after maintenance – 8 Mar (Sun)
During the event period, Slot Machine will be upgraded!
You’ll have a higher chance of getting 3 “7th Anniversary” logo!

* Collect 3 “7th Anniversary” logo for the 1st time to get a limited character “Terry”!

“7th Anni Bonus Gift Pack”
Time: 16 Dec (Mon) – 2 Feb (Sun)
During the event period, a weekly best deal will be available for sale!

Price: HKD $8 / TWD(Google) $30 / TWD(iOS) $33 / USD $0.99
Gift Pack Content:
– Can only be purchased ONCE only
– “Harpy” x1
– “Delicate Desserts” x1 set
– Stamina Refill x1
– Coins x1,000,000
– Souls x1,000
– Friend Points x10,000
– Black Keys x10

* For more 7th Anniversary Celebration details, please stay tuned to TOS Official Website:

Last update time: 21/12/2019 23:42