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Tower of Saviors “Olden Trio” Soon Debuts! 10th Sealed Lord “History Marker – Shamash” Revealed! Ultimate Stage “Amiable Caretaker – Lu Cun” Next Week!

Tower of Saviors

“Olden Trio” Soon Debuts!

10th Sealed Lord “History Marker – Shamash” Revealed!

Ultimate Stage “Amiable Caretaker – Lu Cun” Next Week!


The brand new version 18.3 “Ancient Agonizing Annihilation” will be released on 20 Jan. Characters of Olden Trio are stepping into the realm. Conflicts among the three races will trigger a war! Meanwhile, “The Olden Stele” from “The Traveler’s Memories” is leading Summoners into the ancient past to witness the story of “Olden Trio”. Next Friday, “Amiable Caretaker – Lu Cun” will set up the ultimate stage “Behind the Dipper” at 10pm (GMT+8)!

  •   1st Chapter ── Ancient Agonizing Annihilation

In ancient times, the strong extraterrestrial “Eldus” (Gods) came to the realm to take away their origin ── “Monesis” lying deep under the realm. “Eldus”, by all means, invaded the realm by force, jeopardizing the “Elemental Beast” clan living under the basin and “Runedragon” clan which resided on the high peak. These indigenous races were pulled into the edge of annihilation… 3.jpg



Characters of Olden Trio will be added into the realm on 20 Jan (Mon). Dragons, Beasts and Gods will have a fierce war! You can draw the characters in the Diamond Seal “Breath of Dragon”! First, let us introduce the skill info of “Flicker of Scale – Chi Zhang”, “Righteous Fire – Marduk” & “Lightning Rider – Huang Cong” for you! For rare characters, stay tuned next week!

  • “Flicker of Scale – Chi Zhang” ── Clear Additional Effects; Attack Up


Fire Dragon “Chi Zhang” can activate “Breaths of the Runedragon” upon 7CD:

I. Clear all additional effect(s) in play.
II. For 1 Round, Leader & Ally Attack x 2; the more the additional effects cleared, the more the Attack of Leader & Ally increases additionally, to the max Attack x 6.

  • “Righteous Fire – Marduk” ── Restore Frozen Runestones; Turn into Enchanted Heart Runestones; Attack Up

Fire God “Righteous Fire – Marduk” can activate “Ice-breaking Notion” upon 6CD:

I. Restore all Frozen Runestones to normal state.
II. Turn Earth, Light and Dark Runestones into Enchanted Heart Runestones.
III. When there is an additional effect in play upon Skill activation, Attack of the Monster and “Fire of Sagacity – Enlil” x 3.

  • “Lightning Rider – Huang Cong” ── Electrify; Extend Runestone Moving Time


Light Dragon “Lightning Rider – Huang Cong” can activate “Clouds of the Runedragon” upon 7CD:

For 1 Round:
Electrify all enemies to inactivate them.
II. Extend Runestone-moving time to 12 seconds.
III. If the Team consists of only Dragons, extend Runestone-moving time to 25 seconds.

  •  Ultimate Stage “Behind the Dipper”


Amiable Caretaker – Lu Cun” will set up the ultimate stage “Behind the Dipper” at 10pm, 17 Jan (Fri). He will join hands with “Blazing Kindness – Lian Zhen” and “Showy Casanova – Tan Lang” to battle Summoners!

  •  Ultimate Stage Info!

During the 1st phase of the boss wave, the enemy will not receive any Damage until its first Attack. 4 positions will be changed into Earth Metasphere. Runestones passing through the Metasphere will be changed into Earth Runestones (the Runestone held when moving Runestones is not counted).

After that, Runestones of the Metasphere will be changed into Earth Runestones each Round.

When an Earth Combo is made and an attack is launched, the enemy reflects 200% of its Attack and recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round (only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).

During the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1. 

In the first Round, the enemy explodes all Earth Runestones to increase its Attack onwards, and clear the power gathered in the Craft Apparatus to decrease its Damage received onwards.

Attack and Recovery can only be triggered when Summoner starts moving Runestones from the specific position (green vortex) and ends at the specific position (red vortex). (No Recovery can be triggered before fulfilling the condition).

The enemy attacks regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills.

  • Auspicious Aura” ── 4 CD; God & Beast Attack x2

Earth God “Amiable Caretaker – Lu Cun” can activate “Auspicious Aura” upon short CD 4:

I. Turn 3 random Runestones into Enchanted God Runestones.
For 1 Round:
II. God & Beast Attack x 1.6.
III. When God Runestones are dissolved, the Attack multiplier increases to x 2.

  •  Complete 3-star Achievement to Get Rare Craft


  •  New Arena Redemption “Birth of Magnificence – Brock”!

When Summoner reaches “Major I” in the Arena, “Birth of Magnificence – Brock” (Skill Lv.10) will be given!

  •   Appearance of Scales” ── Attack Up; Damage Received Not Lead to Defeat

Fire Dragon “Birth of Magnificence – Brock” has the leader skill “Appearance of Scales”:

I. Dragon Attack x 3.
II. When HP >70%, the next Damage received will not lead to your defeat (one activation each Round).

  •    “Dragonic Enchantment” ── Turn into Enchanted Dragon Runestones; Dragon CD -1

“Birth of Magnificence – Brock” can activate “Dragonic Enchantment” upon CD 2:

I. Turn Runestones as many as the accumulated Rounds +1 into Enchanted Dragon Runestones, to the max 8 Runestones (dissolving Runestones is necessary).
II. If the Skill is activated when accumulation reaches the max of 8 Runestones, skill CDs of all Dragons -1.

  •  7th Anniversary Get 7 Free Drawing Chances of “Olden Trio”


Period: 20 Jan (Mon) – 8 Mar (Sun)

* details to be announced later

It’s getting closer to the 7th Anniversary! Reach specific login days to get the drawing chance of “Olden Trio”! For those who accumulate 6-year login days or above, up to 7 drawing chances will be given! If you’re lucky, you will get the rare “Auspice of Protection – Cang Bi” for free!

  •  Dance of Elves ── Login to Get Free All Max Elf


Into the 3rd week of the All Max giveaway, login to get a draw chance of “Dance of Elves” from 13 Jan (Mon) – 19 Jan (Sun)! “Reflection of Astro Glow – Pupuro”, “Shrunk Petals – Sakura”, “Rekindled Honor – Cornflower”, “Lovey Dovey Romancist – Rose”, “Heated Fluorescence – Amber”, etc will be included in the card pool!

  •  New Story Mode “The Olden Stele”; 10th Sealed Lord “History Marker – Shamash” Debuts!18.jpg

New story mode “The Olden Stele” will be launched upon 18.3 version update. The Olden Stele” records the hatred of losing the important one and the resentment among “Eldus”, “Runedragon” & “Elemental Beast”. The story is waiting for you to unfold.

The Olden Stele” is in the “The Traveler’s Memories”! Complete the final floor and gather a certain amount of “Soul Gem” to enter the Extra stage, where “History Marker – Shamash” will be your challenge. Defeat this Extra stage and you’ll get “Shamash” (Skill Lv.1) x1.

  • The Utmost Dominance” ── Dual Leader; God & Machina Attack up to x625


Water God “Shamash” has the leader skill “The Utmost Dominance”:
God & Machina Attack x 5.
II. When ≥7 Combos are made, God & Machina Attack x 5 additionally.
III. When ≤6 Combos are made, Damage received -80%. 

Perfect for attack or defense!!

  •  Team Skill ── HP & Recovery x2

When you use “History Marker – Shamash” as member and the team consists of only Gods or Machinas, HP and Recovery of History Marker – Shamash” on the far left x2.

  •  Total Control” ── Explode Runestones; +Combo; Drop 5-Attribute & Heart Runestones22.jpg

“History Marker – Shamash” can activate “Total Control” upon 10 CD:

By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements twice:
I. Explode Runestones of that type to generate Runestones not of that type.

For 1 Round:
II. Combo count +1 for every group of Runestones dissolved, to the max +10
(only the first batch of Runestones dissolved will be counted).
III. The first batch of Runestones to be dropped in each column will be Runestones of each type respectively.


5-attribute & Heart Runestones in order from left to right



For each group of runestones dissolved (1st batch), extra combo count +1

  •  18.3 Arena Redemption – “White Dragon Horse” & Outfit “Mistletoe Blessing – Luna”!

Cloud Walker – White Dragon Horse” can be redeemed with Prize Point in the Arena. Light Dragon “Cloud Walker – White Dragon Horse” can activate “Advancing Hooves” upon CD 3:

Turn the bottom row of Runestones into Runestones of the Race of the Monster in that column.

The more the times of activation of this Skill, the more the rows of Runestones to be turned, to the max 5 rows.

Also, you can redeem the new outfit of “Luna” —— “Mistletoe Blessing – Luna” in the Arena!


  • Shamash VS Pompeii

In this demo, Shamash will be using her skill “Total Control” to have a fierce fight against Pompeii!

  • Skill Demo of Lu Cun

In this demo, “Amiable Caretaker – Lu Cun” will join the Earth God team to defeat enemies with his skill.