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UI Intro: Arena

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1.9 Arena

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Arena Battle: Shows the 5 Arenas you can challenge
My Arena: The arenas you have conquered. You can conquer only 3 arenas at any one time (4 once you’ve reached Grade 4)
Monster Info: List of Monsters with special bonuses and list of Monsters allowed to use in your Defense Team
Rewards: The place that you claim the last week rewards; Overview of this week rewards; and Redeem Prize Point
Settings: Show the statistics and the option to set your Defense Team
Ranking: Ranking of each of the Arena you are participating in, also shows rankings of previous Arena you’ve participated in and the current global ranklist

For more details, please refer to “9. Arena, Coliseum & Joint Operation”.

You have 5 free Vigors everyday for Arena Battle, which can be refilled by using diamond or purchasing refill in Soul Exchange. By completing a battle, you’ll earn Prize Point and higher Arena ranking. Your Arena level will increase as well (up to level 10).

Work hard everyday and earn easy diamonds and materials!

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You can redeem various items with Prize Points in Arena:

By achieving rank Silver or above, you’ll receive various in-game items according to your rank. The Arena rank from Bronze to Warlord and corresponding rewards are listed as below:

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table 2



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