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UI Intro: Story Mode

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1.10 The Traveller’s Memories (Story Mode)

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Located at the top right corner of the map, you can find story mode stages in the Traveller’s Memories. Here is a list of available story mode stages:

– 12 Zodiacs – Chapter 1
– Story stages of Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries
– 12 Zodiacs – Chapter 2
– Story stages of Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra
– Investiture of Heavenly Kingdom
– Story stages of “Investiture of the Gods” series
– Fort Stirling
– Story stages of “Cyborg Scholars” series
– Monument of Aokigahara
– Story stages of “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse” series
– Asgard the Sanctified City
– Story stages of “Descendants of the North” series
– Ruins of Hunterville
– Story stages of “Companions of Mystical Beasts” series
– The Summit of Tianzhu
– Story stages of “Sindhu” series
– Tales of the Nile
– Story stages of “Imperiality of Egypt” series
– Crossover story stages
– Region-specific; time-limited; stay tuned to TOS Official page for updates

1 Diamond will be rewarded for the first clearance of each set of stage.

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