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UI Intro: Other

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1.11 UI of Other Events

Scrolling down from the main screen, you’ll find another part of the map where contains the UI of other events.

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① Guild → Black Hole
② Trade Fortress
③ Lost Relic Pass Registry
④ Joint Operation
⑤ Coliseum
⑥ Personal Mission Record






Black Hole

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For newbies who haven’t joined any guild, you’ll be categorized into World Guild. In World Guild, you can still challenge the daily Personal Guild Missions and farm materials through Black Hole stages.

To join a guild, you can either tap “Search” to search for a specific guild or tap “Recommended” to see the guilds available.

table 8.png

By tapping “Search”, you can enter a unique guild number and search for a specific guild. You can find your preferred guild through TOS Facebook group or TOS Discord channel.

Click me to visit TOS Facebook group
Click me to visit TOS Discord channel

table 9.png

You can also tap “Recommended” if you don’t have a preferred guild to join. The system will display a list of guilds available to join.

In the middle, you can find the “Black Hole” button which leads you to the material stages. You must unlock those stages with Black Keys every time.

table 10.png

Trade Fortress

You can find the following interface after tapping “Trade Fortress” icon:

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In “Soul Exchange”, you can exchange Souls for goods, including Vigor Refill, Baby Harpy , “Ethereal Dragons” monsters and other time-limited goods.

table 12.png

In “Evolve Mat.”, you can exchange the Power Release materials that you lack with those you currently have.

table 13

In “Level-up Mat.”, you can exchange the Level-up materials that you lack with those you currently have in expense of coins:

table 14.png

table 15.png

Lost Relic Pass Registry

table 16.png

In LR Pass Registry, you may find some old Biweekly or Ultimate stages available to challenge using Coins. You must pay for each challenge of a stage.
Joint Operation

Joint Operation is an event that opens occasionally. Each Joint Operation event will feature a different boss. You must join a guild before participating in Joint Operation, for it is an event that requires cooperation with guild members. If you wish to challenge Joint Operation, please stay tuned for the official update.

Like Joint Operation, Coliseum is also an event that opens occasionally. Each Coliseum event will feature a different boss. You’ll gain Treasure Tickets after each Coliseum challenge. With Treasure Tickets, you can redeem various prizes including Coliseum-featuring monster, Harpy, feeders and etc.

Personal Mission Record
In Personal Mission Record page, you can find the progress of rewarding personal missions. The rewarding personal missions include:
– Slot Machine (Renew daily)
– Personal Guild Missions (Renew daily)
– Specific Clear Times of Biweekly missions
– Specific Clear Times of Ultimate stage
– Soul’s Blessing
– Stamina Consumption Reward
– Accumulated Sign-in Counts

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