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UI Intro: Team

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1.2 Team

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The team button located at the bottom of the screen. By tapping it, you’ll enter the team page, where you can build teams with the monsters you collected.

This is the interface of the team page:

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① Edit team button
② Switch between your teams
③ Reset button to clear the current team slot
④ Individual slots to edit a single monster in team
⑤ Share your team to your Guild’s chatroom
⑥ Exit button

Newbies will have fewer team slots and lower team cost limit, which can’t be exceeded in team building. You must form a team according to your team cost limit. In general, monsters with higher rarity will have a larger team cost.

As your Summoner Level increases, your team slots and team cost limit will be increased too. Keep up your effort and reach a higher level!


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