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Monsters: Awakening Recall


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4.5 Awakening Recall (AR)

Awakening Recall is only limited to specific series. 

It’s tailor-made to strengthen the power of those characters in the “The Traveler’s Memories”, eg. “Twelve Zodiacs”, “Investiture of the Gods”, “Hyakki Yagyō – Curse”, etc.

Requirement for AR

  1. Power Released
  2. All Max (Monster’s Lv, Skill Lv, AME)
  3. Complete specific Extra Stage in “The Traveler’s Memories”


You can tap the AR symbol for the AR skill and requirement.

When everything is ready, tap “Awakening Recall”.


You need to collect the required number (20) of story mode items in order to enter the AR stage.


For AR battle, you can form your own team but you MUST bring the monster you need to AR into the battle.

To save stamina, wait until item droprate up before farming story mode items.

Sometimes you can purchase the items in Trade Fortress.


After AR, your monster will:

  1. Have AR Skill
  2. Increase overall stats
  3. Have new card background
  4. Have new attack visual effect
  5. Have an exclusive AR symbol


Kejourou AR skill:

Turn 3 random Runestones into Light Runestones after entering the Stage. Turn 1 random Runestone into Enchanted Light Demon Runestone every Wave.

AR symbol will be turned on after AR. **No material is needed for AR **

AR skill is strong, so it’s worthwhile to get it.


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