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Monsters: Virtual Rebirth


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4.4 Virtual Rebirth (VR)

After getting through Power Release, Virtual Rebirth is your next station to take your character strength and skill to the next level. Likewise, it requires materials to proceed. 

Race-specific VR Materials


The difference is, you can also use a copy of the monster as a material to VR.

Take Daji as an example.

 595i EvoPlus 504i 504i 504i 263i 269i EvoArrow 1090i
595i EvoPlus 229i EvoArrow 1090i
595i EvoPlus 230i EvoArrow 1090i
595i EvoPlus 595i EvoArrow 1090i

**To save effort, use the initial form of the monster to VR**

When materials are ready, you can enter the VR battle. The mechanism is basically the same as PR battle.

Universal VR Material

1951i Fluorescent Python

For newbie-friendly purpose, Fluorescent Python is a VR material for all VR-able monsters. Due to its scarcity, it’s still not a common way to VR in the game. Using Fluorescent Python can directly VR the monster without entering battle.

** Using Fluorescent Python to VR will not receive Diamond x1 given by the VR battle **

Why VR is Important?

After Virtual Rebirth, your character has 2 forms that you can switch freely depending on your need to use.


Tap the Monster Icon and Select “Power Alternation” if you want to switch into another form.


These 2 forms are named as “Refined” and “Diverged”.

Refined Form

Refined form looks exactly the same as the monster’s PR form. It’s more suitable to be the leader of a team.

Diverged Form

Diverged form is the new form of the monster and It’s more suitable to be a member of a team.


                              Refined                                                          Diverged

You can see the Leader Skill and Active Skill have completely changed when it’s switched.

Therefore, VR gives you versatility, more like you have an extra free card to use.


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