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Tower of Saviors 9th Sealed Lord “Khaos” Power Release! “7th Anniversary Celebration” Begins! “Baiyan Mojun” Mission Coming Soon!

Tower of Saviors

9th Sealed Lord “Khaos” Power Release!

“7th Anniversary Celebration” Begins!

Baiyan Mojun” Mission Coming Soon!


As version 18.3 is ongoing, next week we embrace the dawn of the Power Release of “Khaos” the 9th Sealed Lord in the Nightmare Stage. With the 7th Anniversary big day coming, tons of rewards will be given to all Summoners. Besides, “Eyes of Wickedness – Baiyan Mojun” will set up the Horror Stage “The Poisonous Demon”!

  •   Nightmare Stage: His Right & Wrong


On 27 Jan (Mon), 9th Sealed Lord “Lord of All Gods – Khaos” can be power released into “New Order Creation – Khaos” by using the PR material “Harp of Feather”. Same night at 10 p.m, the Nightmare Stage “His Right & Wrong” will be released to let Summoner realize the true power of Khaos.


  •  9th Sealed Lord’s 3-Phase Challenge

Khaos has the lethal 3 phases that make you a tough challenge. During the 1st phase, at the beginning of the first Round, Summoner’s HP will be depleted to 1. Active Skills and attacks of all Members will be locked for 3 Rounds.  All Unlocking Skills will be nullified. All Runestones will be in black and white. When the effect is in play, attack can be triggered only when 6 or more Combos are made in the first batch. Team Recovery -95%. 


During the 2nd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 1. The enemy only receives Damage dealt by Elf. The enemy starts with a Damage-reducing effect of -100%.  The more the enemy attacks, the lower its Damage-reducing effect. When a Dark Combo is made in the first batch, the enemy recovers HP as much as the Damage dealt by Summoner in the Round and turns 6 random Runestones into Masked Runestones. 100% of Summoner‘s HP will be deducted when the enemy attacks (regardless of all Damage-reducing and Willpower Skills).

During the 3rd phase, CD of the enemy’s first attack will be 2. All Runestones will be masked by the enemy. Dark Runestones cannot be dissolved. The enemy receives Damage only when 20 or more Combos are made.  If not, the enemy will launch a number of attacks according to the number of Combos Summoner made, to the max 6 attacks.

  •   New Order Creation – Khaos – Leader Skill


New Order Creation – Khaos” has the leader skill “Unification of Notions – EX”:

I. Team Attack x 5.
II. Dragon HP x 1.5.
III. Demon Attack x 1.5.
IV. Elf Recovery x 1.5.
V. Extend Runestone-moving time by 1 second for every Beast present in the Team.
VI. Fuel of Machinas +25% after entering a Stage.
VII. When there are 4 or more Races in the Team, all Attributive Runestones also possess 50% effect of other Attributive Runestones.


When there are “New Order Creation – Khaos” and ≥2 8* Monster(s) in the Team, Monster’s HP, Attack & Recovery of 8* Monster(s) x 1.3 additionally.

  •  Dual Skill “Boundless Void – EX” & “Reset of Everything”


“New Order Creation – Khaos” can activate the active skill “Boundless Void – EX” upon CD 8:

I. 3 rows of Enchanted Runestones will be added.
II. Unlimited Runestone movement in 15 seconds without dissolving.
III. When there are ≥4 Races in the Team, the 3 rows of added Runestones will be Runestones of all types (3 Runestones for each type).


“New Order Creation – Khaos” can activate another active skill “Reset of Everything” upon CD 8:

I. Restore all Runestones in black and white to original colors.
II. Restore all Petrified Runestones to normal state.
III. For 1 Round, the first batch of 15 Runestones to be dropped will be Enchanted Dark Runestones.

  •  7th Anniversary Celebration; Mega Rewards Giveaway

The big day of TOS 7th Anniversary will soon come! To celebrate it, login on 27 Jan (Mon) and you will get 7 big rewards, including Diamond x7, Coins x 7,000,000, Stamina Refills x7, Souls x7000, 5M EXP Materials x1 set, “Harpy Knight – Madhead” x1 & “Your ALL MAX” Monster x1.


From 27 Jan (Mon) – 2 Feb (Sun), “7th Anniversary Package” will be launched in the Trade Fortress which costs 127 Coins only, including good stuff like “Baby Harpy Knight – Madhead”, “Egg Watchman” and more!

  •  Choose Your All Max


To thanks for Summoner’s support, login from 27 Jan (Mon) – 30 Apr (Thur), you can choose a character that you’ve never owned! Summoners can pick a race and attribute out of the selected card pool. The system will filter the characters you’ve already owned and pick 5 random characters that match your race and attribute preference. The character is All Max (if applicable)!


“Your All Max” this time has added the characters comparable to black-gold card, including “Behemoth” & “Bahamut”! Also, you can choose the beauty “Daji” or “Eve” if you like.

  •  Big Sale in Soul Exchange


From 27 Jan (Mon) – 2 Feb (Sun), special sale is coming to the Soul Exchange. All costs 70 Souls only, including Harpy, Neon Crow, Terra Essence Soulstone and other rare materials.

  •  New Commemorative Reward “Ocean Treasure – Stingray”! 


Come to see the new commemorative reward! From 27 Jan 2020 (Mon) – 26 Jan (Tue) 2021, if your account has created for a year, login during your account anniversary date to get “Ocean Treasure – Stingray” x1.

  •  “7th Anni Hype Gift Pack”!


Diamond Shop will be putting the “7th Anni Hype Gift Pack” on the shelf at a stealing price with great value. Apart from loads of Diamonds and Coins, you’ll get the super rare “Fluorescent Python”, “Essence Soulstone” & “Shedu”!! Don’t miss out!

  •  New Dragonware ── Anniversary Cake Tune


From 27 Jan (Mon) to 2 Feb (Sun), go to “Lost Relic” to complete the one-off stage. Then you can get the Dragonware “Anniversary Cake Tune” x1. This dragonware is applicable to all monsters!


  • “The 5 Barrier Challenge” ── Summoner’s Level UP


From 27 Jan (Mon) – 5 Feb (Wed), Level-up stage “The 5 Barrier Challenge” will come to Lost Relic. These 5 EXP-stages can increase your level by 5 directly in total!

  •  Horror Stage ── “The Poisonous Demon”


Earth Demon “Eyes of Wickedness – Baiyan Mojun” will set up the Horror Stage “The Poisonous Demon” next tue! This horror stage has a grade system. Challenge the stage “Hundred-eyed Centipede” with your intelligence and skills! Successfully completing “Hundred-eyed Centipede – Beginner” 5 times gives you “Eyes of Wickedness – Baiyan Mojun” x1 (Skill Lv.5)!

  • Horror Stage The Poisonous Demon”: A Recognition of Your Power


In “Hundred-eyed Centipede”, Summoner has to beat the stage with the shortest number of rounds, shortest time, highest combos and highest attack to get the highest score! When you get the specific scores, you can get some wonderful rewards, including new outfit “Sting Punch Boxer – Vali” & Eyes of Wickedness – Baiyan Mojun” x1 (Skill Lv. 10)!


  • Emergence of Emerald Lights ── Solve B&W Runestones; Drop Earth Runestones


Eyes of Wickedness – Baiyan Mojun” can activate “Emergence of Emerald Lights” upon 8 CD:

I. Restore all Runestones in black and white to original colors.
For 1 Round:
II. 6 Earth Runestones will be generated for each Attribute of Runestones dissolved in the first batch, to the max 30 Earth Runestones to be generated for 5 Attributes.
III. When ≥30 Earth Runestones are dissolved, the current Skill CD -4.

  • “Jungle of Beasts” ── Free All Max Beast


From 27 Jan (Mon) – 2 Feb (Sun), login to receive a drawing chance of “Jungle of Beasts”, which includes 7 All Max Beasts! The well-received “Mellow” & “Zero” are also in the card pool!

  •  Bi-weekly Series “Circus Wonder” ── Furla


The 2nd character “Spinning Flame Dance – Furla” of bi-weekly series “Circus Wonder” will be released next week! Fire Elf “Furla” can activate her skill upon CD 6!


  •  PR Khaos Skill Demo

In this demo, “New Order Creation – Khaos” will showcase his dual skills to defeat the enemies!

  •  Baiyan Mojun Skill Demo

In this demo, “Baiyan Mojun” will join the Rakshasa team with other Earth members to kick away “Ghroth” will his skill!