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Newbie Guide: Coliseum


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9.2 Coliseum

Coliseum is an event that gives players a time challenge. It normally opens 1-2 weeks in a version.

You can create a mission by tapping “New” Button. 

Always check the “Announcement” on the main page of Coliseum. You can get everything you need, including event info, participation times, result record and Special Honor.

Once you enter the stage, 30 Stamina or 15 Stamina, depending on the difficulty, will be consumed. 

Time limit of the Coliseum stage is 5 minutes.

As you proceed further, the monsters in later waves will get stronger and stronger.


Each monster you defeat will grant you certain ticket points, which can be exchanged for materials and special characters in the “Rewards” page.

When the Coliseum event ends, ticket points that haven’t been used will be reset 7 days.

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