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Craft: Intro

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6. Craft

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Crafts can be found in “Craft Box” in the Inventory once obtained.

6.1 Naming System

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Each craft follows specific rules of naming mechanism, which can be explained as follows:

[Condition of Charge Up] [Skill Type] [Mode]

Example: Molten Pique Bubble

Molten is [Condition of Charge Up]

Pique is [Skill Type] 

Bubble is [Mode]

Rarity: Represented by diamonds. Rarity is divided into 1 – 3, which affects the skill number of the craft. This example, 3 diamonds = 3 skills.

Precondition: You can tell the precondition of a craft by looking at the color or whether it has specific “Race” icon. This example, red = fire attribute.
At the bottom of the craft info, you can see another condition: 7000 points in Dragonic Compulsion”. This means you need to reach 7000 points in the Dragonic Compulsion in the battle in order to trigger Skill III.