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Starter: Companion


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1. Companion

About starting your teams

After you pick your name for the first time, you will be able to select 3 different Protagonists, Molly, Sean and Duncan.

001i Molly

005i Sean

009i Duncan

Later in the game there are different ways to obtain all of them as well as Nathaniel and Endor which and the correspondent characters for Light and Dark attribute.

1.1 Select your companion

Starter 0.jpg

It is highly recommended that you pickup Molly because as you progress you will receive some 4* monsters as rewards and they can be used to create a starter water team with Dreamer Matthew as leader (you receive him as a reward after clearing The First Seal).

545i Dreamer Matthew

Matthew can be used in many different teams to fight against the obstacles you face in the board because he allows you to move Runestones freely for 3 rounds, that also translates to easier creation of runestone groups.

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