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Starter: Tutorials


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1.2 Tutorials

Starter 0.1.jpg

After you play or skip the tutorial you are given 5 Diamonds to pull for the first time, but since it is better to draw in batches of 10 to chase for rare characters, it is better that you save until you accumulate 50 Diamonds. Don’t worry, Matthew or your protagonist can help you out until you collect that amount.

Starter 0.2.jpg

Once you get 50 Diamonds don’t use them on Carver or Engraver banner, those include a lot of powerful cards but it is unlikely that they will work together out of the box, so it is better for you to pull on the most recent Independent Seal because those provide a lot of cards that work together. You can also ask on the Fans Group or the Discord Server for Advice on what to do with your newly obtained cards.

Starter 1.jpg

Independent Seal (Recommended for newbie)

Starter 2.jpg

Seal of the Engraver

starter 3.jpg

Seal of the Carver

Starter 4.jpg

For the independent seal, you can go straight to draw 10 cards in a row by using 50 Diamonds.


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