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Team: Skills


Team BuildingTop Tier List

5.1 Team Skills, Leader Skills, Active Skills

Team Skill:

Team 1.jpg

Usually comprised of additional damage or stat bonus that is given by completing the conditions, they are available to be read on the “?” button on the top right of the cards.

Active Skill:

Team 2.jpg

Tone of the most important components on a monster. Modern characters tend to have many different effects merged on a single active skill, building individual kits that help you fight against tougher boss skills. Your monsters’ active skills will improve as they evolve.

Leader Skill:

Team 3.jpg

This describes what skills you get depending on which monsters you set as leader on the first slot of your team composition. The gameplay of each rare leader will be reflected on how you can dissolve runestones or fulfill some conditions for additional bonuses.


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