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5.2 Team Building

5.2.1 Basic concepts

The team is a group of monsters taken into battles. Players can edit teams to challenge different battles. When you start, a limited number of teams can be edited. Additional team slots will be unlocked when the player reaches certain levels. The team selected when leaving the team interface will be the default team selected for a battle, though a different team setup can be selected in the pre-battle screens.

Team 4.jpg

Each team consists of 5 members. The first one, on the left, is the Team Leader. When selected as the leader, that monsters Leader Skill will be activated.

Team 5.jpg

Each monster has its own Team Cost. The level and cost of the monster are shown under the monster icons. The total cost of all monsters in the team cannot exceed the cost limit.

The box in the middle shows the overall team data:

Current Team Cost/Team Cost Limit

HP: Health Points when fighting in battles

Attack: Attack power of dissolving runestones

Recovery: HP recovered for dissolving the Heart runestones

The Team Leader’s Leader Skill

All the data in this interface shows only the calculations of your monster’s stats. The calculation of the Adjutant ability is to be counted separately in a pre-battle screen.

5.2.2 How to build good teams

This is mostly a process that you will master after facing different kinds of challenges:

  • You need to learn the limits of the card you are planning to use as leader. In most cases the leaders will only buff the damage of members of specific races and attributes and offer other benefits when conditions are met. So you need to find suitable members that can work with the leader.
  • The second thing to take in count is discovering what enemies you may encounter when facing a new stage. For example, if you are meant going to face a boss with “enchanted shield” and “tumbler” you may consider bringing members with short cooldown that can keep providing you with Enchanted Runestones every round. Same could apply for the most complicated rounds you encounter on the stage, so planning ahead should give you an idea of what members will have the most suitable active skills against the enemies of every wave.
  • As the game keeps going, on every update more powerful characters are introduced with more mechanics and tools oriented to defeat the upcoming challenges. The community is there for you to ask which members belong together on the same team.

5.2.3 TOS Checkup Center

Team 6.jpg

The checkup center is available from the “Newbies Tip” section of the Announcements or by visiting

Team 7.jpg

Once inside the checkup center you can receive team suggestions from the customer support or the system will also generate automatic teams based on the cards you have.

Team 8.jpg

There is also a “Copy Link” which can generate a link that includes all the cards that are available from your inventory to your friends or other players from the community or guild mates that can help you with their experience.


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