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Tower of Saviors Power Release & Amelioration Available for “Lü Bu”! Power Release Available for “Diaochan! “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” Debuts!

Tower of Saviors

Power Release & Amelioration Available for “Lü Bu”!

Power Release Available for “Diaochan!

“Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” Debuts!


In the upcoming week, the second batch of Power Release “Imperial Warlords” heroes will be available! “Lü Bu”, “Huang Zhong”, “Yuan Shao” and “Lu Xun” will have their power stepped up! In addition, “Diaochan” from “Arena” will be available for Power Release too! Last but not least, “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” will be challenging you in “Confinement by Truth”!

  • 2nd Batch of “Imperial Warlords” Heroes Opens for Power Release & Amelioration!


The 3rd batch of Power Release monsters will be debuted in the late v18.4. Stay tuned!

Power Release and Amelioration for designated “Imperial Warlords” characters will be opened at 4PM on 24 Feb, which include  “Lü Bu”, “Huang Zhong”, “Yuan Shao” and “Lu Xun”! Their strength will be stepped up to a higher level and join the war with their brand new looks!

  • Rise of “Rebels”


In addition to the above heroes, the Power Release for “Flowery Embroidery – Diaochan” will be opened as well! The Power-released “Love of Fidelity – Diaochan” will be forming “Rebels” with “Belligerent Mania – Lü Bu” and expand their territory! The two love birds will also have their exclusive combined skill, bringing the war into the next level!

  • Lü Bu’s Leader Skill: “Slaughter of Roaring Tiger”


Lü Bu’s Leader Skill “Slaughter of Roaring Tiger” is described as below:

Dark Attack x 5; Dark Human HP & Recovery x 1.4; Single Attack becomes Full Attack;  Extend Runestone-moving time regardlessly by 1 second; By dissolving a group of 5 or more Runestones, Dark Attack increases additionally, to the max x 2.8 for 3 groups.


  • Team Skill——Attack Boost, Turning the Bottom Row into Dark Runestones


When using “Rebels” characters as Leader and Ally, the more the Runestones dissolved in a group, the higher the Team Attack, to the max x 2.5 additionally for a group of 10 Runestones dissolved.

When using “Belligerent Mania – Lü Bu” as both Leader and Ally with “Love of Fidelity – Diaochan” in the team, the bottom row of Runestones will be turned into Dark Runestones at the end of each Round (dissolving Runestones is necessary).

  • “Overwhelming Flow of Darkness – EX” —— Turning Runestones into Enchanted Dark Human Runestones, Extra Combo Count


“Belligerent Mania – Lü Bu” becomes a lot more deadly after Power Release! His Active Skills “Overwhelming Flow of Darkness – EX” can be activated in 5 CD: Turn Light and Heart Runestones into Enchanted Dark Human Runestones; For 1 Round, the more the Dark Runestones dissolved in a group in the first batch, the more the Combo count increases, to the max Combo count +10 for a group of 10 Dark Runestones dissolved.

  • Diaochan’s Leader Skill: “Glamor of the Charmer”


Diaochan’s Leader Skill “Glamor of the Charmer” is described as below: Heart Runestones also possess 400% effect of all Attributive Runestones; Turn 3 Runestones of one of the undissolved Attributes in the first batch into Heart Runestones each Round (the Attributive Runestones that are the least in number rank first in priority) (dissolving Runestones is necessary).


  • Team Skill —— Stat Boost


Not only will “Diaochan” receive the above mentioned “Rebels” attack bonus, she also has a Team Skill that boosts the team stat! When using “Love of Fidelity – Diaochan” as Leader, the more Attributes in the Team, the higher the HP, Attack & Recovery of the Monsters. Team stat x 1.2 for 2 Attributes in the Team, to the max x 1.8 additionally for 5 Attributes.

  • “Captivating Beauty – EX” —— Turning Runestones into Enchanted Dark & Heart Runestones


The CD count required for “Diaochan” has been shortened after Power Release! Her Active Skill “Captivating Beauty – EX” can be activated in 8 CD: Turn Runestones into fixed numbers of Enchanted Dark Runestones and Enchanted Heart Runestones.

  • Combined Skill of “Lü Bu” & “Diaochan”


The Combined Skill “Captivating Beauty – Massacre” is described as below:

Turn Runestones into Enchanted Dark Human Runestones and Enchanted Heart Human Runestones; For 1 Round:\nII. Team Attack x 3; The more the Dark Runestones dissolved in a group in the first batch, the more the Combo count increases, to the max Combo count +15 for a group of 15 Dark Runestones dissolved; Love of Fidelity – Diaochan’s current Skill CD -4 upon the activation of its Active Skill.13.PNG

“Captivating Beauty – Massacre”

  • Upstanding Retributor – Lu Xun “Grassy Barrier – EX”


The Active Skill of “Upstanding Retributor – Lu Xun” the Earth Human can be activated in 5 CD:

Damage received -6.25% for each Earth Runestone dissolved in the first batch, to the max -100% for 16 Earth Runestones dissolved; The Skill stays in play until no Earth Runestones are dissolved in the first batch; CD will not drop when the Skill is in play.


  • Challenge from Adjudicator —— “Confinement by Truth”


On 24 Feb (Mon), “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” the adjudicator will be setting up “Confinement by Truth” challenge in “Lost Relic”! The stage has a restriction of 600 steps. Summoners will receive wonderful rewards by clearing the challenge stages for the 1st time, including “Splash of Viridity – Freyja” rare outfit! Harpy and 1 “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” (Skill Lv. 8) will be rewarded for the first clearance of the 5th Floor. 1 “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” will be dropped for each completion of the 5th Floor battle as well.



  •  Active skill of “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe”: “Selective Coronation – Light”

The Active Skill of “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” the Light Human can be activated in 5 CD:

By tapping a Runestone on the Magic Circle of Elements, Runestones of that type will be turned into Enchanted Light Runestones.


  • “Era of Magic” New Chapters Available


In order to fix the distorted history, Summoner and Glauox began their journey in the Era of Magic, witnessing the complicated history between the gods…

The love between a human and a god is destined to be rough. The mortal Atlantis was living a happy and sweet life with his love Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom, until one day when Hera visited. How would this uninvited guest affect their relationship? Could the love story have a happy ending? Could the history be fixed? Continue on the “Era of Magic” and find out!


“Era of Magic” new chapters will be available at 4PM on 25 Feb (Tue). By clearing all stages in “The History of Greek Gods ‧ Nightmare Unveiled”, you’ll be awarded with rare God Dragonware —— “Sacred Bell Amulet”!

  • Demo of Power-released Lü Bu & Diaochan

Power Release for Lü Bu and Diaochan will be opened at 4PM on 24 Feb (Mon)! The video will demonstrate the strength of PR Lü Bu and PR Diaochan as well as their combined skill used in battle!

  • Demo of “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” in Team Tang Sanzang

In this demo video, “Judgement of Pure Light – Sharpe” will be joining Tang Sanzang’s team to display his strength in battle!